How Not to be Scammed!

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As I've noted in a number of earlier blogs, whenever someone discovers they've been scammed it doesn't take long to notice the scammer has gotten away with much more than just money. They manage to steal the victim's sense of security and very peace of mind.

The truth is, whenever the economy takes a downward turn it's inevitable that crime rates turn upwards.  Whether con-artists put a new twist on an old scam or use innovative technology as their weapon of choice, they are very good at what they do and figuring out ways to con us -is their number one priority.

What's the best way to avoid falling victim to their tricks or traps?  Be wise to them!       

Well known scam buster Chuck Whitlock goes undercover as a security guard to show just how easy it is for con-artists to swindle unsuspecting consumers. In this first video report, he pretends to be a security guard as he carries out the same scam that real crooks use to successfully steal money from people outside an ATM.


Watch this video and learn how easy it is for identity thieves operate to steal your life. In this video report Chuck easily assumes a police chief's identity (with the chief's permission).

In the below video, watch as Chuck poses as a water inspector to gain access to your home -and your money.

See a few earlier blogs for tips to avoid being scammed.  

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There are so many types of cons out there today. Thanks for providing these videos that are very helpful. I will have my mom watch them. She is a bit too trusting in the world we live in today as most senior citizens are.

She doesn't know it yet but my Mom in law who is beginning to suffer with dementia is going to watch these vids too. She was scammed once already by smooth talking jerk in the grocery store parking lot. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to you for providing them.

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