ATMS rigged with "Skimming" Devices for identity theft; steal $500G

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A band of brazen thieves ripped off hundreds of New Yorkers by rigging ATMs to steal account and password information from bank customers. (see video below)

They used the pilfered info to swipe half a million dollars from their victims' bank accounts - the latest twist in increasingly aggressive identity-theft scams, police said

They sauntered into Staten Island branches on Henderson Ave. and Amboy Road and installed devices on the bank's ATM machines, police said.

The first - a skimmer - went over the slot where customers insert their ATM cards. The skimmer reads, and stores, the personal information kept in the magnetic strip on the back of the bank card.

The second gizmo was a tiny camera hidden in the lighted signs over the ATM.

The pinhole camera lens pointed directly onto the ATM keypad and filmed victims typing in their supposedly secret PIN codes. Read more

For more info on "skimming" and the various tools thieves use to steal your information, please view a few videos and see earlier blogs. If you feel you're information has placed you at risk for identity theft, take the time to place safeguards now to reduce your risk and lessen the impact should the worst occur.

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