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In an effort to broaden our reach and continue our ongoing efforts to help consumers fight against fraud and cyber related crimes, we are currently reviewing options for new corporate sponsors and advertisers .

We are particularly interested in developing new strategic alliances with like-minded organizations, individuals and businesses who uphold a standard of business conduct that espouses honesty, integrity and good corporate governance. These guidelines ensure that we choose companies that offer the kind of products and services that we ourselves would use! 

We strongly support upholding responsible identity theft protection standards as set-forth in Consumer Federation of America's Best Practices for Identity Theft Protection and continue to promote consumer protection, cybersecurity and scam awareness initiatives, as well as campaigns designed to counter bullying.

In addition to providing key information that helps individuals and businesses make sense of the types of financial fraud, identity theft, scams, and cyber-crimes they need to protect themselves against, we want to shed light on the best resources, experts, products and services that provide options and potential solutions.

Too many people remain unprepared and unaware of today's many fraud related risks as well as the potential resources and solutions. We want to change that!

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