Complaints against EMC Mortgage should be filed with FTC

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The Federal Trade Commission wants to hear from borrowers who have complaints against EMC Mortgage. And we certainly have received a lot of them! I was recently contacted by and asked to share this below info with you;


The Federal Trade Commission called MSFraud last week and relayed they have been monitoring this site for EMC Mortgage complaints.

The FTC wants to know if EMC Mortgage is violating their Settlement Agreement with the FTC.  We told them we have heard from many who believe EMC is in violation of the agreement.  If the FTC gets enough complaints, they can go after EMC again, so please file your complaints.

We also talked to the FTC about EMC's loan modification scam, where EMC tells homeowners who are current with their payments, that in order to qualify for a loan modification, the homeowner must be at least two payments behind.  EMC tells the borrower not to make payments for 2-3 months and then call them back to modify their loan.  After complying with EMC's instructions, the borrower calls back only to learn EMC has started foreclosure proceedings.

The FTC has asked us to direct consumers to the following page to fill out their complaint form. 

Please visit and please leave your name, email address and phone number when filing your complaint.

Thank you.

More on EMC see read comments below and also see;

Have you been hurt by EMC Mortgage Corporation? You are not alone... 

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UPDATE: Sept. 27, 2010
Class Action filed against EMC Mortgage in CA

If you have a story of your own, share it, leave a comment, or email

If we write about corporate wrongs - we may just right a few!

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I tried calling EMC to discuss a way to change my interest rate and they basically told me they cannot help.

What is going on with this country?

I am a customer with EMC, and got put on a repayment plan for three months and I was suppose to be put on a modification when I got through with the repayment plan. I kept my repayment plan and when i completed it they could not go on with the modification, they said i didn't qualify. So I set up another repayment plan starting July 16th and while wondering what else could I do I contacted a company through a family about a modification, I had ever thing set up and worked out. Emc calls me up out of the blue after this another company called them to negociate and tells me that I have already been approved for a modification through them and i need to cancel with the other company, so I did. EMC said I should receive my paper work the next week to sign and send back they should be coming UPS, I said ok and they said I would not have a payment until Sept.1st. Three weeks have went by still no paper work has come and every time I call they had been saying I will get the the next week. So Monday August 3rd they told me it was still in process and that I would have to make the payment for July before they could do anything because I set up the repayment plan, when the representative called me about I was already approved she said she was canceling the repayment plan and they say they have no notes of a payment no being made to September or the rep name Marcey, asked for supervisor said he was not available asked if they only had one hey said yes and will have him to call me back, no phone call Friday August7th.

we have been through the ringer with them since dec of 08.

They modified our payments for 6 months than put us on the Obma plan and put our payments up to the orginal payment and we paid and have done all they have told us it rediculous.

Now they are saying we are 9,000.00 dallors behind and they have not made a dession onthe morgage modification yet they said they would have a dession by August after our last payment agreement of the Obman PLan please help.
I am so confused by them now!!!!
Mrs Jayann Leibley
homeowner concerd and worried

Our head ache started with EMC in April of 2007. This company is absolutely awful. I have to many issues with this company to type. I'm just going to vent about my latest issue. We requested a modification to get out of a negative arm on both our first mortgage and second mortgages. After going back and forth for two years with this company.

Yes two years we were granted a modification on our first mortgage, and was told that our second mortgage would be charged off. In late January of this year we spoke to a loan modification rep. Gayla Davis to start the modification process Again. My husband lost his job in February, she advised us not to pay our second mortgage, because they were going to charge it off. We also spoke to her supervisor Carol Oates, who seconded what Gayla said.. not to pay the second mortgage, EMC will charge it off the added notes, advised customers not pay second mortgage. We finally got our modification completed on the first mortgage, but started to get collection calls on the second mortgage.

We spoke to Gayla's Supervisor Carol Oates, and she advised us that it was just standard procedure. What a lie!! In June we received a call from FALSO Solutions. They were trying to collect on the second mortgage. Come to find out EMC sold our second mortgage to FALSO Solutions for pennies on the dollar.

Can we say CRIMINAL!!!! EMC advised us that they would charged off the second mortgage which is $90,000. We were told by James Williams in the Lost Mitigation dept, that he charged off the second mortgage. He read the notes to my husband which stated that we couldn't afford to pay on the second mortgage due to our financial distress, but the company higer ups and the owner of the loan decided to sell our second loan to FALSO Solutions.

EMC knew that we couldn't pay back the loan. My husband is still out of a job. We were lied to and mislead. Had we knew that this was what EMC was going to do. We would have Short Saled the house,at no time during our many recorded phone calls that they told us that they were going to sell our second mortgage to a collection company. That's why we're retaining a Lawyer. We've had it, EMC refinanced our first mortgage through the OBAMA PLAN. Making homes affordable. Which they the will receive incentives and kickbacks if we pay our mortgage on time, and do not foreclose.

This plan is a failure with EMC. They knew that we were unable to pay back the second mortgage due to our finances, and still sold our second mortgage to Collection company. You can't get blood out of a stone. EMC is greedy and criminal. I sure hope the FTC is reading this. I'm joining the Class Action Law suit. My experience with EMC has been extremely stressful. Bad Credit, lots of mental anguish and mounting hospital bills due to panic attacks and anxiety. Thanks EMC. You suck!!!!

Emc has not helped us they said they would help us modifi the loan and it would take only 30 to 60 days during that time I am currant on my loan now they are telling me it has not beem approved and it does not been it will they said I was appoved for the Obama plan now I am going over 90 days and nothing ..just being taken for a ride now I am going to fall be hide I need help the customer service has been out rages every body tells you some thing diffrent HELP

EMC Rep Yasmine Casto Has lied to us she gave us her word on laon Modif with in 30 60 days she lied

I've been dealing with emc mortgage corporation for seven months regarding the obama plan.It has been a total nightmare.The reps at emc say we qualify for the Obama loan mod in the beginning,but have failed to deliver on their promises. We have provided all information they requested in a timely manner.

They on the other hand have not come through on anything they promised.They told us thirty to sixty days for an approval, they also told us fifteen days until it went to an underwriter.Which it never has to my knowledge.

I have been hung up on, transferred to departments that no longer exist, told that I cannot speak to a supervisor. I have dealt with the most unprofessional people on the phone, with very little knowledge of the mortgage business. I would not be so angry if emc did not lead me to believe they would help.They give you false hope by saying how easy it is to qualify for a loan modification and then act like total idiots when you call them on their promises.

I have written letters to their executive offices, CEO, and other so called managers to voice my displeasure. The names of some of the incompetent people I have spoken to are Monica Anderson, Robert Vela, Yasmin Castillo, Rhonda Jones and a Silvia at the executive office who informed me that I didn't qualify because I was current on my loan.Suggesting I should be late before they could help.

I've been dealing with emc mortgage for over a year,were put on different payment plans and they tell you is for three months and after that the loan will be modified, now with the Obama plan we completed all the trial period and we are getting fed ex envelopes requesting all the papaer work that we have submitted several times,when i called the so call reps do not have any knowledge of mortgage loans,you can just tell tey are making up answers as they go,every time i called a different person answers,i was told that as soon we paid the three pmts they would send the loan to the underwriters,well that did not happen,now all they want is for us to keep making pmts and keep sending same paper work over an over, please some one help!

I have been trying to get a loan modification from EMC for almost 13 months now. First they requested information in 10/08 which everything was provided. Then in 3/09 they said that Obama signed a new loan plan and I would have to resubmit paperwork to qualify.

They told me to call back in 30 days, then again in 30 days, etc. Come 7/09 I can no longer afford to pay the full amount, so I did not make a 7/09 payment. That got their attention for a brief moment. They put me on a 3 month "trial" plan. During this time I was told I qualified for the Obama plan and my loan was in underwriting. I was told to keep calling back. I have - nothing has happened.

On 10/14 I received for the 4th time a request for the same information I have provided 3 times before. I resent all information by fax (and show a confirmation of all pages). EMC told me to call them by 10/16 if I still have not heard anything. I called them, now I am told that the investor who is doing loan modifications doesn't have to comply and will not comply with Obama's plan. I was told that my last 3 months of mortgage payments are in "suspense" and have not even been applied towards my loan.

I ask them what to do, they tell me do whatever I want. They say if I am delinquent I can't do a loan modification, then they tell me that the investor won't do a loan modification unless I am 2 months behind. I get conflicting information all along the way. At this point I don't know what to do, but I am filing a complaint with the Attorney General in Texas, the FTC, etc. I plan on sending a certified return receipt letter to their legal department (if someone will give me their address). Every time I talk to someone they don't know what is going on, they tell me the previous representatives gave me wrong information.

I ask for supervisors and am told no one is available or they are all in a meeting. At this point, I won't give them any more money since they are not even applying it to my loan. I asked them for a loan printout of all payments, they say that they can't do that or I have to call back and have someone else do it. I call back and am told that they cannot provide me with a printout. Sounds like fraudulent practices all the way around. They are all about getting the money with no help. Something needs to stop.

We are all working to save our homes and they don't care. It is ridiculous that 13 months later I still don't have any answers and am told to wait, etc. I have a second mortgage with National City and once I informed them of my financial situation, they modified my loan by 50% with just a few questions over the phone and a one page fax to them.

Karen in California

I am wondering WHO is monitering the stipulated settlement ordered by the court???? As this lawsuit did not stop EMC they are thieves. They have sent me escrow disclosure statements which clearly indicate calculation errors. Their Lawyer Brian Kile recently filed altered documents with the U.S Bankruptcy court. EMC actually reconstructed (changed Numbers)stating it was a true history, funny that my ACTUAL mortgage statements show a totally different number these crooks have to be stopped, meanwhile I work on getting their lawyer disbarred, You can't alter documents and submitt them to a federal court. Just shows how far they will go. I still feel they should be closely monitered through this settlement.....

I have been dealing with EMC, since Dec of 08 trying for a remodification, it has been a complete loop of getting no WHERE!
Now after 10 months I have stopped recieving a monthly invoice for my mortagage payment,I called them, they told me to stop paying my mortgage, I continue to send in my mortgage payment, I do not trust this company!!!!! And Icall every week and get the same answer that all my paper work is with the underwriters for 4 months now SOMETHING IS WRONG!!! Please help

I have been dealing with EMC for more than a year and a 1/2. In May of 2007 we were going to have to close our business. I contacted EMC and asked for any help and if I could refinance or modify my loan in anyway so we would not fall behind in our payments. The details would take pages - but after lies, promises with no follow through, them hanging up on me, no return phone calls, threats from their "customer service" department, fake loan modification offers that required us to pay MORE than our regular mortgage payments and hours of turmoil -- we were told we would be foreclosed upon. I have never been even close to a situation like this. We didn't know if they truly would come & kick us out over night or what. When I continued to get NO answers- we packed our things & moved into a rental house. I kept trying to contact them - and when I finally got our "supposed" representative - He said we could do a"deed-in-lieu" where the property is given back to the bank with no penalties. They had us leave a key near the house and there has been a lock box on the door ever since . They have not foreclosed or even maintained the property! The city Marshal left a citation for uncut grass. We have heard nothing from them and can't get to the bottom of it. In the meantime we have paid our rent on our rental home faithfully & on time with no issues. Somebody PLEASE STOP THEM!!

I been with EMC mortgage for two years now and I have to agree they are terrible. They keep giving me the run around about loan modification I follow the plan and now word yet I been trying to get my loan modified since July 2009 and now its December 2009. I would like to file a class action lawsuit against them if some one know a lawyer please let me know how I can get in touch with them my email address is Thank You

Is it a common practice for EMC noto to provide a payment statement when modification for a loan is in process. How long does it take for EMC to process this application.

I just received yet another request for the same info on the Obama plan.
I have made the 3 first payments plus the next four on time and I still have no clue what is going on, no one will say any thing on what the status of the application is.
Has any one actually been signed up for the Obama plan yet?
I have decided to stop paying on the loan and force them to make a decision either way.

John, dont stop payment on your 3 months trail payments you need to call the hope line @ 1888-995 Hope. they will help you get more info...if you stop making those payments you will be kicked out of the program DO NOT STOP

We too were told that the "fedex package" is in the mail, and to sign and return immediatley. However, the papers never come, and when you call...eventually you are told all of the sudden you now DO NOT qualify. We have been on the OBAMA Plan for over 8 months, every month told that our paper work will be sent for our signature and everything will be finalized in 2 weeks. Meanwhile, we are to pay our payment plan, in which the EMC payment system blocks that amount and asks for a doubled amount, therefor payment can never be made via there instructions and methods. We continue to be charged late fees etc. until our "Obama Plan" is finalized. We have asked repeatedly for our loan documents, a copy of our payment and billing history etc. We are declined this information. We were told that we had to have an interior BPO of our house in order to complete the paperwork for the obama plan. We complied, however the rep they sent took only photos of our household goods, not of the house, such as the kitchen, or bathrooms, etc.
They do not call you back, you are abused by the agents, and they refuse to give any names or cantact infornmation for supervisors or department heads. BUT who will help?

EMC is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. They are forcefully trying to foreclose on me. And I have never missed a payment. I have an attorney and they even give him the runaround. Infact they did not even bother to show up to the court room when we filed motions. But they are still trying to take my home. Applying payments to the wrong accounts. Requiring me to send payments Western Union.. Then again putting them on the wrong account.. and then another department tells me that they never received them. I called them with my attorney silently in the background... They told me one story... Then I have my attorney call them with me in the background 5 mins later and they tell him a completely different story. These people are nuts. They need to be dun away with. Thank you FED for saving Bear! Use my Tax dollars to pay a corporation to screw me!


i got on the supposedly mod.prog.back in 07;because of my husband being out of work for illness,and no insurance.They lowered my payment alright.But kept sending me foreclosure notices.I would call and check on what was going on,they told me to disregard the letter everything was fine.Well in 08 they sent me a statement saying i was over $7000.behind and the program expired.I was only $2000.behind to start with.They failed to tell me the difference between my note and the new payment set up was being tacked on.So we have went through the whole process again,my payment now has almost doubled.We have to come up with a large payment every month now or they will go ahead with foreclosure.Our income is Les now than what it was in 07.We do not qualify for the Obama crap.My husbands income is not the same every week.I have had conversations with one of the people in the mod.dept, and was told we need to cut down on our food bill,so we can pay our house note.we spend maybe $250.a month on food.My husband and i are at the of the rope with this,and on the verge of a divorce because of emc.Then they will get the house.I dont know what to do.

EMC mortgage is a nightmare, I filed for a modification in May 09, i called and called and in sept 09, they had me resubmit all documents again as nothing had been done and all documents were expired. I faxed the information again, in the meantime, I could not make the full monthly payment, in October I went thru several departments just to make a payment, I had 2 out of three payments, they told me they did not want to accept a payment as i was so close to receiving the modification and my payments would be reduced.

Low and behold, I called and called and right before Thanksgiving they denied my modification, saying our hardship was "temporary" in the meantime, my had husband had to go on an unaid medical leave from work for surgery, he hadn't worked for 6 weeks, they sent me a denial letter stating that I did not quality for the save our homes plan, nor any other modification. I called and was told they would put us on a repayment plan for 6 month, i could pay an additional 1500 per month on top of the 1868 i already pay- i almost laughed, how can i do this , my husband only brings home 3200 a month.

They don't care.

During the modification application process, they do not send you a statement, they do not call you, but now they call, send information for a quick sale and a deed in lieu of, never mind that my value has dropped over $60,000- now they call, I have nothing to talk to them about, they can have the house , I've been here 18 years, they can clean up after i'm gone, there is no help/relief with these bastards, in the meantime, I've talked to 3 other people who received modifications from other mortgage companies, some of these people are working on their SECOND modifications, and we can't receive any help. Too late for me that my property taxes dropped $1100 along with the windstorm dropping $1100, that would have saved around $2oo a month without any help from EMC.

I truly believe these idiots don't know what they are doing, I owe them 189,000, the house down the street went into foreclosure 2 years ago. they owed 189 also, it sold 2 months ago for 79,000--

Here u go emc, you'll loose 110,000 i hope plus the money you won't accept, me, I'll pay a lawyer and walk away from you! Don't get mad, get even.

We have been working with EMC to try and get a loan modification since Sept 2009, We paid our 3 mos trial period and then were told we should have sent in paper work and forms befor that time was up but no one told us. All of a sudden they wanted some huge amount or lose the house. Then they said if we paid our original payment for 6 mos that we could reapply, which we did but had to borrow from everyone we new. We had to sell our business because of the economy and then my husband got put to 4 days a week and no overtime. It was near to impossible to keep up with the payment. On July 17 I called the chase obama home modification progam through EMC the guy I talked to told me I was qualified, I would never owe more than the amount he figured we could afford that I would never have to come up with a huge amount of money. It was done, he was sorry I hadn't called befor I had made my July payment because I would have saved the extra money. He was great. He said they would fed ex papers with in the next 3 days I would sign and that was it. I hadn't slept so well in years. All of a sudden we get phone calls, letters, we need to send in more information every 3 mos because it is all so time sensitive. Two weeks befor Christmas I recieved a call that she just needed to verify that she could look up a tax thing and we would be all done in 2 weeks. It is middle Jan and still nothing. No one knows anything about the guy and I.d. number I wrote down when I talked to him. I would like to get a hold of the taped conversation that I had with him because it was a done deal. And I believed him. Everytime I call they say it is an attempt to collect a debt and will be taped. I would really like to get a hold of that tape. Is there a number for the Obama Housing modification office? It is not surprising to hear everyone has gone through what I have but it makes me realize that I will probably lose my house in the end. It isn't a huge luxury home but it is our home and we worked hard for a lot of years and put our heart and sould into designing it. Is there any hope?

I applied for loan modification in 06/09 never missed a payment out of work yet..Ditto- run around- loop, lies and ridiculous duplication of former demands for info- these people are destroying lives at will, dragging Chase down with them and providing a 'change' no one can believe in. File your complaints with the ftc and keep making those payments- apparently this company thrives on increasing its inventory of foreclosures

EMC told me back in June I met all of their initial tests which included the hardship "test". In Dec I was told my hardship was not long term enough. They are a joke and they do know what they're doing. They do not want to modify anyone's home because the loans are insured!!! Any modification nullifies that loan - therefore they would much rather see you lose your home than to modify it because they'll make more money on it. I've contacted the FTC, BBB and the state attorney general. Please do the same.


I know that some of us have filed our complaints with the FTC as they requested. Have you heard anything on these complaints?

Also, for those of you that are having problems with EMC, you need to search the internet for "EMC Mortgage Fraud". You will be amazed at the amount of websites that you can post your story to. Believe me, I am one of those persons. I have posted my story on just about every website that would allow it and then some.

Ms. Richardson has also posted one of my story's on her website. You have to be prepared, and confident enough, to get your story out there. Without public notice, you are doing nothing.

EMC is ruthless and they do not care about your situation, your home, or anything else. They simply want to bully you and give you the run-around.

My best advice - REQUEST FOR PRODUCING THE ORIGINAL BLUE INKED SIGNATURE NOTE. The lenders and servicers think that if they bully us enough or threaten us that we will just throw our hands up and walk away. Don't walk away. PLEASE fight for your rights. Fight for your home. And Fight for justice!!!

My advice - COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN AGAIN, and COMPLAIN SOME MORE. Send your story to every local, state, and federal agency that you can think of. Also, send it to the White House. Yes, you will get the general email response, "We're sorry, but we don't have the jurisdiction to assist you. Please contact your lender/servicer to inquire about a loan modification (etc, etc, etc)." Then complain again!!!

Good Luck to everyone and let's keep the word going about EMC and all the other abusive servicers.



I definitely will keep you posted. I have not heard a thing from anyone since I requested the original notes in July.

Most of all, thank you for all of your hard work and your passion to help consumers.

Here is my issue with EMC Mortgage Company. We took out a secondary mortgage through Conseco finance in 12/2000 for a room addition for $25,000. At some point in time, we received a notice that we had to make our payments to EMC Mortgage Company. I had called them and they told me nothing has changed for me except that my mortgage is now through EMC and just make my payments to them. In 2007, after a job transfer and eventual job loss - our home did foreclose after a failed short sale process. Our last conversation with EMC was 9/2007 where they informed me that they were going to charge it off due to the foreclosure. This is what was reported on my credit report in 2007.

On 9/2009, I pulled my credit report and noticed what I believed to be some issues with the amount noted as being owed by EMC. They had reported a higher amount than what I believed to be accurate and the date of the foreclosure was wrong. I asked the credit bureau to verify the information. 30 days later Experian validated that there was a change and that instead of a foreclosed charged off account it was an active installment loan and being reported as late every month.

At this point, I became fairly frustrated, so I made three separate attempts to contact EMC at their corporate headquarters. I have been transferred everytime, I always get a voicemail box but it is also always too full to leave a message. So I decided in December 2009 to send a letter to their legal department and ask them to correct my information on my credit report - not that I am proud of the charge off and foreclosure but after three years it has less of an impact on my credit rating then changing it to a severely past due active and open installment loan. Also, I asked if we could reach a settlement agreement that would be reasonable on this foreclosed, charged off mortgage loan so I can at least try to rebuild my credit and take care of my past obligation. I have heard nothing.

The credit bureau is of no help because even with all of the foreclosure ppwk and documents they provide me with all kinds of excuses: The documents I submitted for review are not applicable, the records provided by EMC are valid, there is nothing we can do.

I did receive a settlement check from FTC for the lawsuit for $37 out of the $28M lawsuit. I have refiled with the FTC an update of EMC violating their severance agreement.

After all of my hard work and paying all of our bills and cleaning up all past credit issues my credit scores are high enough to be financed. The only thing that blocks me from obtaining a mortgage loan is the EMC issue that I cannot get resolved. I have spend over 500$ in overnighting paperwork and disputes to Experian to no avail.

I hope the FTC gets involved to help us who are still suffering tangible issues with EMC. I also recommend that no consumer ever uses EMC Mortgage based on my experience. I think the credit bureaus such as Experian should be investigated also for continuing to enable unethical companies such as EMC Mortgage to violate consumers and their rights. If everyone would stand up and do the right thing EMC and other companies like them would not be allowed to operate and their unethical practices would diminish their power and negative impacts to consumers.

I really hope that someone with authority will read these comments. These people are telling the truth about EMC. This company has blatantly destroyed countless families. I find it hard to believe that the government has not shut this organization down. The sickest part of all of this is..that they received a bailout.

I cannot describe what we have been through without sounding totally insane. When I recount our story to friends..I always hear: "NO! They can't do that! That's illegal!" I think people assume that we are exaggerating. I wish we were, at least I wouldn't be so jaded.

It's nearing the spring of 2010. We have battled EMC since the fall of 2007. We were told to fall behind on our payments for 3 months before they would negotiate. We did. Then we were told to get on a repayment plan before they negotiate. We made balloon payments for 7 months. We barely had enough money left over for groceries. Our other bills went unpaid. We made EVERY payment on time. On the day of our last payment, I cried tears of joy. Approx. two weeks later we received a notice of Default. They we owed them still owed them $3300 and would need to pay it within 3 business days. They wanted the money wired to them.

To say that we were shocked is an understatement. We paid them for 7 months at $3300 a months. We followed the repayment contract to a "T". This an old townhouse...nothing fancy. They either screwed up the paperwork(which had happened numerous times before) or they intentionally deceived us. Either way, the end result was the same.

This is just one example of what we have gone through. We have had at least 10 other significant incidents with EMC.

Our house was listed for auction last March. We wanted housing secured, so on the day of the auction we moved into an apartment. The auction has been delayed ever since. Emc calls us everyday, but won't refinance. They just want a payment. We just want to move on. We will never give them another dime. We can't figure out why they won't auction our house. It has sat empty for a year. It was heavily vandalized. Wild animals have been living in it. I feel bad for our old neighbors.

EMC Mortgage company, you are crooks and liars. I only hope that someday you will pay for your crimes against decent, hardworking families.

My heart goes out to all of you who are in the midst of your foreclosure with EMC. It is a battle that I would not wish on my worst enemy.

My Father in law is going through the same thing with EMC. First they put him on the three month trial with lower payment. After the 3 months they said we were not signed up for Loan Mod. They said who ever we talked to did not know what they were talking about. Now they say we owe $4,000 to make up the money we were short during the 3 month trial period since we werent paying our entire payment those months. They tell us one day we mailed out the paper work fill it out send it back. Now they are saying we never told you that. You have to print them out yourself online. They pass you from perso to person who knows nothing about the mortgage business or what they are talking about. They do not care it's not their house. Please someone help us I do not know what else to do. EMC is horrible.

I have been trying to modify with them for over a year I have them as a 2nd at 13% everytime they say they have no record of my call they will send me something that never comes and it's an endless loop I eventually stop paying them. Some how they managed to increase the amount of my 30yr fixed in several small increments after they purchased my loan from Century. I don't care this house is 70% below the purchase price they can have it back

we have been trying to do a modification since 10-08//resubmitting paperwork on 3 different occasions and still nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am starting to really wonder if it's even worth the headaches for more than a year

Why isn't anything being done to stop EMC Mortgage? I have read the posts of other people that have the same story I have about loss of their homes or in the process of having their homes taken. EMC took my home. I paid 30 percent of the total mortgage value in a year and never got even with them. EMC drilled my locks and sent me packing without any paperwork, sale or notice. I was charged income on my loss and they sold my home for 3 times what I owed them and I never even got foreclosure papers. I don't want another $500.00 from the courts, that's a joke! I want some real action.

My story is no different from any of you guys, the same tricks and promisses. A lawyer told me that EMC has no interest of helping anyone. Why? Because EMC still gets you monthly payment from their insurance plus $250.000 if EMC foreclosure on your house, paid by our own tax money. isn't this a great deal or what?

So glad to know I'm not the only one battling EMC. In my case it seems obvious I'm being scammed as the payments I make are applied in such a way as to overpay the interest due. I have had payments returned as undeliverable even though they have the correct address, a modification cancelled and my contact "no longer with the company" and specific written instructions on payment application totally ignored. everything is applied to incur negative amortization no matter what option you choose.
I have filed a complaint with the FTC and urge you to do the same

My name is Erick R, and I really appreciated everyones comments. I recently tried to contact EMC's loan modification department, but they've always put me on hold or transfer me to another department. I haven't fall back on my monthly payments yet. But I was looking for a way to either modifify or lower my mortgage payments. I really don't want to go throuht the same unprofessional and terrible experiences. Someone please advise.

In February 2008 my payments were up to date when the EMC rep said that I could reduce my payment by $300 for 10 month and the amount ($3,000) would be placed on the back end of the loan under their "Repayment Plan." My regular payment was $2,000, so I accepted the temporary arrangement for some relief. I paid $1,700 each month on time. From EMC I got a notice that my payment was received, but no statement.

At the end of the 10 months, I finally got a statement showing a Past Due for $16,800, due immediately! I complained to EMC but no one, not even a supervisor named Paretti could explain the error. This has been going on for a year now, with no supervisor at EMC returning my calls. I was recently told I could make a Loan Modification agreement, but it included the fraudulent $19,000 to my balance. I refused. I was told if I drop the Repayment amount, EMC might foreclose (my actual payment dropped to $1,784). Texas law reportedly allows this type of mortgage fraud to occur.

I am trying to find a reliable attorney in Texas to file a lawsuit. It's shocking that NO federal agency will do anything about this crime. My local Congressman, Brian Baird of Washington State is a coward, and is a big disappointment on enforcing mortgage protection. It's good he has chosen to not run for re-election. The FTC takes a complaint, but it goes into a black hole. Any and all help is appreciated from this long EMC victims list. How can Congress let this happen?

EMC does not provide a payment statement when modification for a loan is in process. Why is that? And how much time should it take to complete the process?

First and foremost, I have been trying to reach EMC with no luck. When I dial the number on my statement it tells me the number has new information that I have to pay $9.99 to enroll to receive the information. I was told over two months ago that they would send me the Loan Modification information from then to now, I have received nothing. I am so upside down in this loan. My loan started out at $21,000.00 with UC Lending they went out and was bought by EMC Mortgaging that is the worst thing that has ever happened to me with a mortgage company. My current balance with them is now $32,000 how or why has never been explained to me. For 1993-2010 I am still paying a 10% (was 13.75%) loan and seems like I can never get it paid down and now I can not even reach EMC.

I was planning to call EMC tomorrow and ask for a modification.. I decided to do some research first. Here I read. I am blown away. What strategies would you recommend? Should we record the conversations or what? I would like to express my simpathy for all who posted here... thank you...

Now I am puzzled what to do? In other words, how to do it?

we applied for the federal loan modification in Jan 2010 under the impression that we qualified. they lowered my payments for a 'trail period" for 4 months. Now my trial period has ended and the mod was denied because the investor is not in the obama plan. Now they are saying that I am 4 months behind and that my payments that I have had since I bought the house are up that I never paid that amount and they are trying to foreclose. i never missed a payment even in the trial period. I have called EMC get the run around, hung up on and a different answer every time what can I do i do not want to lose my house. And I can not come up with the ungodly amount they say I am behind. Please help

I have tried dealing with EMC mortgage several times over the last year. They did a "repayment", which caused me to have to pay $200 MORE than my already too high mortgage. I had my Congressman try to help out, but EMC told them because they are just a "loan servicer" they could not refinance the loan and then told them we did not qualify for a modification due to some ratio. I pay these people 9.95%. They got over $15k in 2008 and $18k in 2009 for interest. My loan is 3 years old and less than 3k has gone to the principal. My loan is about $25k upside down. They won't work with anyone and it is frustrating. We are relocating to another city and just feel like handing over the keys to them and saying farewell!

I used to have a very good FICO score of over 700 until I had my loan modification with EMC in 2008. I was sending my payment to the modification department every month but when I checked my credit history by the end of 2008, EMC reported me to credit bureaus as delinquent fopr 4 months. This lowered my score significantly and as a response, the credit card companies (Chase, AMEX) slashed my max credit allowance 80% down and made it appear that I maxed out on my credit cards. This domino effect further lowered my FICO score! Though EMC corrected this mistakes months later to the credit bureaus,it was too late.

On 2009, after my repayment plan was completed (for property taxes which EMC paid), I was promised another loan modification. When I called EMC, this black woman from customer service refused to forward my calls to the modification department but instead tried to answer all my questions herself which she has no idea whatsoever. She told me that my request for modification was denied and I have to pay $3,000 a month PLUS $1,000 "extra". When I asked her what the 1,000 extra for..she replied: "because sir you have extra money in your bank". This really surprised me because the statement I sent them had negative net and I dont have any savings left in my bank and I cannot borrow money from credit cards because I am "maxed out".

Do I have any recourse on this matter? - josh

I was with UC Lending corp. until they went into bankruptsy in June 1999. My account was given to EMC. ( people you do not know the nightmares!)I have done forebarence with them settled that, only a month later to be told I am behind 3 months again. How can you be behind when you have only been out of the forbarence for one month? I have filed a Bankruptsy hoping the courts would see what EMC was doing, the court set my payback at $237.00 a week. I was in this for 3 years. the payment pay back got up to $1400.00 a month. Needless to say I got out of the bankruptsy. I started my next nightmare last August 2009( Modification Loan) Well it is now May 04. 2010. I was told Monday when I called My house was in foreclosure. I called HUDD, I have an appointment May 24. I AM HOPING THEY CAN HELP!

Where to start? I am amazed that the Gov hasnt shut them down. Are there class action law suits against EMC? I applied for the Obama Making Homes Affordable in June 2009 and was told I QUALIFIED! What a relief that was being my husband had just left us. Here I was, a single mom of two, going back to school so I could find a job and support my girls on my own. EMC told me to make the trial payments on time then I would be locked in for 5 years with them taking $5,000 off the principle then my loan would be locked in in five years to 4% for the remaining 30 year loan. I submitted all the requested info (20 times) over and over again over the course of 10 months. Every month, I was told I should receive the final paperwork, keep sending the modified payment. My loan was approved and submitted for review. I called as usual to make my payment in March and asked again when I would recieve the final docs. After being on hold for 3 hours, I was told my modification was denied, I was 10 months behind and in default and that I should do a short sale. I almost had a heart attack. From that point on, the tone of every rep there has been down right abusive.Every time I called, I was told something very different. First they said I was denied b/c my expenses were too high, then income too low and now they say it's b/c their drive-by appraiser valued my home low and I can't qualify. They told me I needed to sign their in-house modification plan (interest only) with a 5 year balloon of $170K. They added over $10K on to the principle and increased the loan tern to 40 years. They told me I had to pay back the difference in the trail amount vs. the original amount for the 10 months to the tune of $17,000 UNLESS I SIGN THEIR interest only modification. If I don't pay it back they will foreclose. I am a strong woman who has survived MANY MANY challenges and will survive this one too. They systematically try to break you down. I cannot be broken and didn't come this far to be dropped off now. There MUST be a solution and I am determined to find it. Any help or guidance along they way from anyone will be much appreciated, passed on and given back in one way or another.

I have been in an EMC nightmare too...too long to type here. Mine has been for 3 years...this cannot be legal and yet they just keep on doing what they do...whoever is behind this company is so big and so close to the FEDS that they can do whatever they want-it is hopeless. They are not afraid of anybody so save your money and don't get a lawyer..they don't care---
After reading what they do even if you get a mod, they destroy their credit....

I have been fighting EMC since our housed foreclosed January 2008. They were a second mortgage for us and by Arizona state law they cannot hold us accountable or collect anything from us on the loan. Experian - who is just as bad in my opinion - keeps reporting the charge-off as the current date (every month it changes to reflect the current month). As you all may know - a recent charge-off hurts your credit! We have disputed this so many times over the last year to no avail. Most recently they (Experian) has shown it as a charge-off in January 2010 and February thru May 2010 as 150+ days late. That doesn't even make any sense! new plan of attack has been to contact EMC at 1-800-723-3004 I actually got a 'live' person. They will be sending me a history of all of my payments. I plan to see if it lists the charge-off date. If so, I will forward the letter to Experian and demand an update to reflect the correct charge-off date and a zero balance. If not, I will have my attorney send a demand letter to EMC to report correctly. By-the-way...I was successful in having EMC's collection company - LCS Financial remove their collection attempts and also removed from our credit report.

Good luck to all. As it stands we cannot get any type of loan as it keeps reporting as a current charge-off.

I have read most of the posts on this page and even though I am so very sorry for what all of you have been through with EMC, I must say I find it a little comforting to know I am not the only one. (sorry, but I was about to lose my mind a few hours ago until finding this)

I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE dealt with a company so incompetent as EMC Mortgage. I do not understand how they can still be in business. I have spoken with at least 10 different people in the last 5 months and they all give me different information. I sent in paperwork in Jan2010 for the remodification program. They put us on a trial repay program for 3 months (Feb,Mar,Apr) which we paid faithfully each month. During this time, I would call them to get a status on our remod.. one person said it was being reviewed. Another person said nothing can be done until I finish the replay plan. Finally last week I called again and was told they have no paperwork from me which I sent in January and have a delivery conf#. I asked where all of our paperwork ended up - with our SSNs, birthdates, all of our info. He said, all paperwork is shredded if we don't know what to do with it. He said he would FEDEX another remod package out that day. Well, he did fedex it alright, but not to our mailing address.. it went to the 'property address' which is different (this property being discussed is a rental property and there are tenants living there) What is funny is everytime I call EMC they are sure to get all of our info at the beginning of the call.. property address, mailing address, phone, etc. They have no problems getting the mailing address right when they are sending a bill or past due notice. I feel as though I am going crazy. I cannot get through to these people. What else I want to know is where does the money go from the 3 month repay plan? Our regualr mortgage payments are $1057, the 3 month repay amount was $793 per month. BUT they are still showing our account as 5 months past due...???? Our suspense account is not showing this money either. They are CROOKS!!!! My husband wants to stop paying alltogether and let the house be foreclosed upon. The tenants are moving out in July anyway.

Sorry for the long post, but I had to vent.
Good Luck to you all - hopefully this company will be put out of business soon..

Anyone who has a Mortgage with EMC should contact the FTC at once. This mortgage company should be shut down completely. They are a disgrace to any type of business conducted anywhere in the USA. Do not let this company forclose on you. Fight back! you will win. write to every agency you can. Including JPMorgan Chase.

Is it illegal for them to charge for mortgage verification when we did not apply for any refinancing or anything that would warrant them to have to do a mortgage verification. I have several loans with EMC and they were continually doing this on most all of them. I wrote them a letter and sent it certifed and ask them to explain or show why they were doing this. Their explanation was that they had received a request to do so. Funny, after my inquiry, the fees stop being put on my statements. Is there anything I can do? This had went on for a long time before I caught up with it. Any info would be helpful.

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