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Denise Richardson is my idea of an American hero. Her work and her advocacy have created ripples of hope that will someday lead to a current strong enough to knock down the walls of consumer and economic injustice".
-Ira Rheingold, Executive Director and General Counsel
National Association of Consumer Advocates, NACA

"Denise Richardson wasn't satisfied with fighting - and winning - the battle to restore her own credit. Instead, she continues to work tirelessly to make the world a safer place so other consumers will never have to experience the abuse she suffered under our nation's broken credit reporting system. At AFFIL we're inspired by her story and are proud to work with her in the common struggle to regulate credit and lending."
Jim Campen,
Americans for Fairness in Lending

"Denise fights for consumers! She doesn't just speak the truth to and about power, she SCREAMS it in an articulate and down-to-earth voice."
--F. Paul Bland, Staff Attorney, Public Justice

"Denise's hallmark is her infectious passion that irrefutably comes from her  heart. Her dedication and continuous efforts to put the "fair" back in "fair  credit reporting", raise awareness to consumer problems, and reach out to  make a difference for others are commendable and have demonstrated to be  invaluable."
Jim Malmberg, Executive Director ACCESS
American Consumer Credit Education Support Services

An AuthorDenise Richardson turned her life experiences into her first book, Give Me Back My Credit!, a memoir and consumer handbook in one. Her story humanizes the frustrations consumers face when they find out their mortgage is infected with accounting errors, their credit reports reflect the same, and nobody can or will correct their costly errors. Book overview

A Genuine Consumer Advocate: Believing that consumers can best protect themselves from becoming a victim of a identity theft, fraud, cyber related crimes, and predatory or abusive practices by being informed of the risks, and potential solutions, Denise Richardson's life work has centered around helping consumers understand, and find better access to, consumer protection.

Denise belongs to a number of nationally recognized consumer advocacy organizations and is one of the few non-attorney members accepted in the National Association of Consumer Advocates. She is a Board member of American Consumer Credit Education Support Services, a 501(c)(3) consumer advocacy group whose primary purpose is to disseminate credit education information and assistance to the general public.

Education Specialist and Identity Theft Victim:  When Denise joined the ranks of many others as a multiple-time victim of ID theft, she set out to research the effects of this kind of theft and became a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, trained and certified by The Institute of Fraud and Risk Management. She is frequently asked to share her insights and expertise with advocates, like-minded industry experts and those in the media.

August 2006 through February 2012 Identity Theft Education Specialist, Speaker, Spokesperson, Blogger, Consumer liaison and Consumer Advocate fostering business development fornationally known identity theft protection company.

Allies:  As an innovative voice in the consumer protection industry, Denise continues to work towards developing new approaches, and like-minded alliances, designed to build and strengthen consumer protection initiatives. Her passion and commitment to connect consumers with trustworthy information and resources, while promoting the importance of corporate responsibility, has made her a leading source of inspiration, support and knowledge for consumers, advocacy organizations, attorneys, industry experts and responsible businesses who value her unique insight and understanding of the very real consequences that negatively impact victims of fraud. 

Denise supports and participates in a number of consumer protection initiatives including, anti-bullying campaigns, victims' assistance programs, cyber-security awareness and fraud prevention collaborations. She currently resides in Florida where she is an avid blogger, contributing writer for a number of online blogs, and writes a monthly ID theft protection related column for Lighthouse Point Magazine.

"We have personally watched with admiration Denise's struggles as she fought  back against credit reporting errors, corporate greed, and total  indifference. She has important information and insights to share and her story will certainly inspire people everywhere to take back control of their  credit and their lives. Founders,

"Fraud committed by corporations against the general populace has mutated into an epidemic out of control, while the government watches with complicity and disinterest. Ms. Richardson uses her experience to help conquer the fears of anyone going up against these powerful corporations; so they too can stand up for their legal rights and become a victor -rather than a victim."
Robert Wright, Founder,

Viva Denise Richardson! Give Me Back My Credit is a must-read book... Denise Richardson is "a Shero in the war against the credit squeeze. Her battle to get back her credit is a heroic story filled with tips on fighting back. Go Denise!"
Danny Schechter,
News Dissector (
Emmy Award winning Author, Director, Producer,

"For many years, Denise Richardson has been working to educate consumers on credit matters and to advocate for their rights. As a victim of the credit reporting system, she fought relentlessly to defend her credit standing and her good name. Her book will help consumers learn how to protect themselves against corporate misconduct."
Barbara Woodcox,
President, Consumer City


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A memoir exposing the steep price consumers pay when facing mortgage servicing errors, inaccurate credit reporting, illegal debt collection practices, identity theft and weak consumer protection laws. THE BOOK » DENISE'S STORY »