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Tax refund fraud like 'crack cocaine' for criminals

6 Unbelievably Stupid Things People Do With Their Money Online
Hacked Neff: Scammer steals Supe candidate's accounts

Will Credit Cards be Safer in 2012?

Premium credit cards: Golden goose or golden noose?

Credit Card Assist: Best of The Best Blogger Series

How to Fix an Error on Your Credit Report

5 Credit Card Habits you Must Quit

Are Debit Card Fees In The Cards For More Consumers?

Grandparent scam gets a 2011 update

Lost Data? Create An Emergency Response Plan

Found a lost credit card? 4 safe ways to be a Good Samaritan 

The lesson Sony didn't learn 5 years ago

7 reasons your credit card gets blocked

What Does Sony Owe Consumers After PSN Nightmare?
PC World/Yahoo Finance

101 Women Bloggers to Watch for 2011

Combat Sneaky Cyber Predators Wherever They May Lurk (Syndicated)

Is Tweeting Cheating?

Smart Tips to Avoid Super Bowl Scams

Beware of Twitter 'phishing' pirates

An Interview with Denise Richardson

Avoid Cyber Monday Scams

Before You Say 'I DO,' Think About Your I.D.

Scams Targeting Veterans

The most common holiday scams

News Dissector:
Danny Schechter: A Report From The Florida Epicenter of Fraud-closures...

The Nation Institute-Andy Kroll

New Credit Card Safety Measures

Government Tactic: Help Banks by Lying to Homeowners

Credit Cards, Costly or Convenient?

7 Reasons your Credit Card gets Blocked

Children, college-bound youths become tempting targets of identity thieves

Old-School Scams

College Students at High Risk for Identity Theft

Dealing with Debit Card Fraud

Treasury Used Bogus Info in Report to Homeowners

No One is Safe: Identity Theft in the Modern World Western Mass Women Mag

Medical Identity Theft: Prevention & Protection

Huffington Post: Crucial Help for Homeowners Could Never See the Light of Day

Hollywood Gazette;
Free Consumer Conferences on Financial Concerns

Consumer Reports: January 2010 Money Adviser

ID Theft: It can happen to you

2010 FTC Identity Theft Statistics:

Rogue Valley Oregon chock full of fraud cases

Connecticut Now Ranks No. 16 for Identity Theft

Laptops a major HIPPA Security Threat

Women from Hyde Park, Exeter among targets of identity fraud

Identity theft leads consumer gripes list Gaining Momentum

Why Homeowners aren't Being heard...

GMAC still stealing homes 

Identity theft a growing problem in Genesee County

Theft of government documents and benefit fraud doubled in Madison

Money woes trigger rise in crime

Identity theft rises in St. Louis

Florida is No. 3 in nation for identity-theft complaints

Id Theft Fraud Rising

ID theft common during tax Season

Sun-Sentinel; Massive credit card data breach exposes Floridians to risk

Identity theft more prevalent during holidays

The 5 biggest mortgage servicing traps

Holiday Shopping tips to avoid ID theft and be Merry

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A few opinions from the South Florida Editorial Blog;

Elizabeth Warren: A must appointment to offset what passes for "truth" in banking

Who's really On Your Side in resolving customer service number complaints?

U.S. Sen. Al Franken's proposed Homeowners' Advocate Office needs advocates -- now!

Rally in Tally amounts to a new "freedom ride".

Making Homes Affordable falling flat

"Shame on you!" says

Tell the U.S. Senate to stand up for consumers, not big banks

Beware of the Florida Consumer Protection and Homeowner Credit Rehabilitation Act

The recovery's missing life line: a line of credit

One year later and financial reform finds it's business as usual for Wall Street

Consumers Unite at our upcoming Expo

The financial Industry keeps biting the hands that feed them

Interchange fee flap amounts to a giveaway to big retailers.

Memo to Congress: Folk are getting tired of being robbed through credit card "swipe" fees

The banks banking on bigger fees brings more public outrage

'Mad as hell and not taking it anymore -- from the banks!

Credit cards are falling out of favor

Unite consumers and let your voices be heard!

Consumers need Consumer Financial Protection Agency safeguards.

Financial services industry still fights against consumer protections.

Floridians can benefit big-time by becoming involved with AFFIL.

Cyber attacks come with the territory when challenging the credit industry.

Credit card companies showing their true colors and consumers should be seeing red.

How a monthly statement could save your home!

Today is Arbitration Fairness Day

Four ways to protect your kids from identity theft.

How credit card companies are ruining your credit score and contributing to our economic malaise.

Finding "free" credit reports requires knowing where to look.

Laughter is the best medicine, especially for frustrated consumers.

Binding arbitration is no substitute for consumer accountability.

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