Give Me Back My Credit!

The overview;

Give Me Back My Credit! is a stunning tale that exposes what happens when an innocent woman finds herself up against multiple corporate wrongs forced to defend her innocence, her home and her name.  

Meet Denise Richardson--an innocent and ordinary American with once perfect credit--who made the unfortunate decision to make additional principal payments on her mortgage. Like millions of other Americans, she wrote a mortgage check out every month and sent it in a timely manner, noting her extra principal payment on the coupon supplied by her mortgage company.

Richardson's simple act of pre-paying her mortgage sparked a series of unbelievable, interlocking events that would consume her life for more than a decade, leaving her once ordinary life in shambles. But her story did not end there.

Whether caused by inaccurate credit reporting, identity theft, bogus medical bills, accounting errors or illegal collection attempts-the result was the same; the credit she had worked so hard to protect was once again destroyed-through no fault of her own.

If you believe that simply paying your bills on time will prevent this nightmare from happening to you-this book might cause you to replace your false sense of security with watchfulness and caution when it comes to guarding your credit, identity, mortgage and good name.

Richardson never missed a payment, nor were her payments ever late-yet for fifteen consecutive years she was forced into several battles to reclaim her true credit identity. Her shocking story tells of the absurd lengths an innocent consumer had to go to in order to stand up to the severely flawed credit reporting and mortgage servicing industries. 

Richardson's real-life experiences demonstrate what can happen when the laws meant to protect consumers are riddled with loopholes and the multi-billion dollar mortgage, credit and debt-buying industries are not held accountable for their illegal and egregious actions!

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"Give Me Back My Credit! is a modern day David and Goliath tale, in which one lone woman went head to head against corporate America to fight not only for her own rights, but for the rights of all those who would unwittingly follow in her footsteps." Jim Malmberg, Executive Director of ACCESS, American Consumer Credit Education Support Services

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A memoir exposing the steep price consumers pay when facing mortgage servicing errors, inaccurate credit reporting, illegal debt collection practices, identity theft and weak consumer protection laws. THE BOOK » DENISE'S STORY »