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The Subprime Scandal and Wall Street -How did we get here?
Emmy Award winning journalist, Author, filmmaker and "News Dissector" Danny Schechter talks about his latest book Plunder and the results of his investigation of the subprime scandal and economic calamity. Danny Schechter has spent decades as a "truth teller" in the media as an independent filmmaker with the award-winning independent company Globalvision. He won an Emmy Award for his work on the news magazine 20/20. His Documentary, In Debt We Trust, America Before the Bubble Bursts -predicted the current credit squeeze -long before it became reality. If you are concerned about our economy -and want to know the truth -and what caused this current crises...this is a show you won't want to miss! 60 Minutes 1366 listeners

Your Online Reputation May be Costly to your Future
Michael Fertik, CEO and Founder of talks about how online actions can affect your life for a very long time. Parents, teachers, Employers, job-seekers, College applicants and even daters have raised serious and legitimate concerns about how to deal with "online" reputations, cyberbullying and what you can do about it! 60 Minutes 1805 Listeners

Credit Cards; Learn who has the best ratings, offers and rewards
Curtis Arnold, founder of the popular website, and now Author, has been educating consumers about credit cards since 1998 and has been featured by hundreds of media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, The New York Times, USA Today & The Today Show. Curtis talks about his new book and provides tips on how best to utilize credit card offers and who has the best offers! Curtis Arnold, Finance, credit card offers, Credit Card Ratings, what is the best credit card Finance
60 Minutes 1006 listeners

Just Who is Getting Bailed Out?
Last week, Congress passed the $700 Billion bailout bill for the economy. So far, it hasn't worked. What's more, some of the most important things that could have been included in it to protect homeowners and taxpayer were not. We'll be talking with Ira Rheingold, Executive Director & General Counsel of the National Association of Consumer Advocates about the bill, what was left out of it, and what it means to you.  60 Minutes 1247 listeners

Total Loss - Losing your home in a disaster
If you own a home, there is always the possibility that you could lose it in a natural or man-made disaster. Learn what you need to know about how to deal with your insurance company and what options are open to you. Our guest on this show will be Glenn Nahmias, a Public Adjuster with Metro Adjusters in Los Angeles. 60 Minutes 1051 listeners

In this segment of Spotlight, we are going to discuss the events of the past week on Wall Street, the government's intervention in some of those events and what it means to you. 45 Minutes 1281 listeners

Consumer Credit and Debt Issues
Our guest this week is Kristy Welsh, Author of Good Credit is Sexy and Founder of, one of the few great online consumer credit forums where consumers can find answers, validation and camaraderie when it comes to credit and debt concerns. credit reporting errors, personal finance, Debt collection practices, credit bureau errors, consumer information, Finance
60 Minutes 1043 listeners

Tax Policies of the Presidential Candidates
There is a lot of information floating around about the tax policies that each of the presidential candidates would like to implement but much of what is on the internet is inaccurate. We'll explore each of the candidates proposals and give you enough information to determine how they will impact you personally. Our guest for the show will be Dustin Stamper from the National Tax Office of Grant Thornton, LLP.  60 Minutes 1213 listeners

Do you think it's unfair when your credit card company raises your interest rate -for no reason?
Abusive lending practices are hurting Americans. Sarah Byrnes from Americans for Fairness in Lending ( and Ira Rheingold, Executive Director and General Counsel of National Association of Consumer Advocates ( discuss their collaborative effort calling for re-regulation of abusive credit and lending industry practices. Find out what you can do to help -and what "tricks and traps" to beware of! 60 Minutes 1897 listeners

The Costs of Illegal Immigration Part 1 of a 2 Part Series
We've all heard the reports. Illegal immigration costs the country billions of dollars each year. THIS SHOW HAS A FEW PAUSES FROM NETWORK PROBLEMS Part I Guests: Edwin Rubenstein; author of several reports on the subject and Ira Mehlmen of will represent one position. Part II Guests: Mike Farrell, Author, Activist & Actor, and Professor of Economics at UCSD, Gordon H. Hanson and Carmen Chavaz, Immigration attorney and Executive Director of share another viewpoint. Part II aired August 12th, and can be found in our Archives! 60 Minutes 1273 listeners

The Costs of Illegal Immigration; Part 2 of our 2 Part Series
Mike Farrell, Author, Activist & Actor, and Gordon Hanson, Director of the Center on Pacific Economies and Professor of Economics at UCSD will share their views on the human and economic costs of illegal immigration. Additional guest, Carmen Chavez, Immigration Attorney and Executive Director of Casa Cornelia Law Center CCLC a 501(c)(3) public interest law firm discusses the impact of immigration law and policy on the community.
60 Minutes 1410 listeners

Are you Dealing with Abusive & illegal Debt Collection Practices? Bogus Debts?
Are you being harassed for debt you don't owe? Find out what to do when debt collectors go too far. Two top consumer protection attorneys, John Watts and Stan Herring ( talk about your rights, how to deal with abusive debt collectors, deal with the credit bureaus and when it's time to contact a consumer protection attorney.  60 Minutes 1861 listeners

Identity Theft -What you Need to Know!
Eric Drew ( was in the hospital fighting a battle with cancer when he soon learned he had another battle to fight...he discovered his identity was stolen by a hospital lab tech! Guests include Jay Foley from the Identity Theft Resource Center and credit reporting expert Attorney Robert Sola, with the National Association of Consumer Advocates. 60 Minutes 1243 listeners

Binding Mandatory Arbitration: "You Can't Sue Me" Clauses!
Ira Rheingold, Executive Director and General Counsel of the National Association of Consumer Advocates ( and Janet Ahmad, President of Homeowners for Better Building ( discuss the costly, unfair and harmful effects of binding mandatory arbitration.  90 Minutes 2186 listeners

College Loans and Financial Aid
If you are a college student, or the parent of one, you won't want to miss this show. Find out what funding options are available, and what options to avoid. Guests will include Jim Boyle, President of College Parents of America and Jeff Gregory from the University of Colorado. 60 minutes 1304 listeners

Credit Issues Faced by Military Families
The families of active duty military personnel face a set of unique credit issues. We will be interviewing Paul Richard, Executive Director of the Institute for Financial Education; an organization that has extensive history helping military families deal with credit and financial issues. 60 Minutes 1308 listeners

Wireless Security Concerns: Are you safe from thieves and hackers?
While everyone likes the convenience of going wireless,few are aware of the dangers of not using the proper security. Albert E. Whale, President of ABS Computer Technology, Dan Yost, Chief Technology Officer of MylaptopGPS & Mike Aiello, Founder of DIFRWEAR tell us how to protect our data from hackers, skimmers & laptop thieves! 60 Minutes 1233 listeners

Mortgage Servicing Fraud Victims Speak Out...
Meet the founder of Robert John Wright (aka Jack Wright) who tells his story. Hear how he lost his home even though he never missed a payment! Victims tell their side of the mortgage crisis story-the side you don't hear. Additional guests: Mortgage servicing victims and Texas Attorney W. Thomas Engle who represents mortgage servicing victims. Marie McDonnell with Truth In Lending Audit & Recovery Services mortgage finance, Jack Wright, foreclosures, credit, mortgage fraud Finance
120 Minutes 2058 listeners

Foreclosure Mistakes Lenders Make and How to Protect Your Home: Interview with Katherine Porter
Foreclosures are on the rise, and lenders and loan servicers are making a lot of mistakes in the process. In many cases, the servicers don't have the right to foreclose on homes because they don't own the loans. But unless borrowers challenge their foreclosures in court, the servicers prevail. A Harvard graduate, and law professor at the University of Iowa, Katherine Porter joins us to talk about this dirty little secret of the lending industry. banks, brokers, foreclosure, home loans, interest rates, Katherine Porter, lenders, lending, mortgage, option arm Finance
90 Minutes 1985 listeners

Consumer Attorney Offers A Revealing Look At Why Consumers Sue The Credit Bureaus
Recently, an Orlando jury ordered Equifax to pay nearly $3 million in the case of a woman who says the company ruined her credit in an identity mix-up. Meet her Attorney... Robert Sola is one of the leading attorneys in the field of credit reporting, credit disputes and credit errors. He has successfully litigated Fair Credit Reporting Act cases, and obtained large jury verdicts, against all three major credit reporting agencies. Don't miss this revealing show! Attorney Robert Sola, CRAs, personal finance, Credit Reporting, Credit Reports Finance
90 Minutes 2713 listeners

Finding a Job in a Bad Job Market
This segment is a prerecorded interview with Scott Kane; Managing Director of Gray Hair Management. Scott discusses the importance of networking, and what unemployed workers should expect to face in this market. This interview will be especially helpful to people who have not had to look for a job in many years and who never expected to be out of work. jobs, job loss, unemployment, finance Finance
60 Minutes 1132 listeners

Interview with Aaron Titus, Founder of
Jim Malmberg and Denise Richardson will be interviewing Aaron Titus. Aaron has formed a website which can be found at The site allows users to search and find out if their personal data has been leaked in a data breach. Because of this search capability, the site has caused some controversy. We'll be talking to Aaron about identity theft and discussing the various threats that can cause data breaches. We'll also be talking to him about how he thinks the SSNBreach website is affect Aaron Titus, data breaches, fraud, ID theft, identity theft
60 Minutes 236 Listeners

SpotLight - Introducing the Hosts & Show
Find out what SpotLight is all about! Denise Richardson and Jim Malmberg will introduce themselves, talk a little about experiences with the credit industry, identity theft and fraud, and let you know what they intend to accomplish with the show. They'll talk about upcoming broadcasts, and some of the guests that they already have scheduled. If you want to know about the good, the bad and the ugly within the credit industry, and what you can do as a consumer to protect yourself, then step in credit reporting, mortgage finance, finance, fraud, identity theft. 60 Minutes 2360 listeners

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