Give Me Back My Credit: Table of Contents

Chapter 1
My Identity--Meet Me
Lesson: Your Credit Identity
Chapter 2:
The Not-So Merry-Go-Round
Lesson: The Anatomy of a Mortgage
Chapter 3:
A Little Help from My Friends
Lesson: The Power of Paper
Chapter 4:
Meeting Goliath
Lesson: Know Your Alphabet Soup
Chapter 5:
The Ride Continues
Lesson: A System Flawed
Chapter 6:
Lesson: Using a Magnifying Glass
Chapter 7:
Names May Hurt - But Numbers Kill
Lesson: Web Resources for Consumers
Chapter 8:
The Spin Cycle
Lesson: Legally Speaking
Chapter 9:
Beginnings and Endings
Lesson: Hit them where it hurts--in their pocketbooks
Chapter 10:
What Lies in the Past
Lesson: Every Action Has a Reaction
Chapter 11:
Moving Forward- Looking Back
Lesson: The Judge's Decision
Chapter 12:
An Inconceivable Mess
Lesson: Secrets, Lies and Red Tape
Chapter 13:
Mortgage Mania
Lesson: Mortgage Servicing and Fraud
Chapter 14:
Happy Holidays . . . or not?
Lesson: Will Your Complaints Be Heard?
A memoir exposing the steep price consumers pay when facing mortgage servicing errors, inaccurate credit reporting, illegal debt collection practices, identity theft and weak consumer protection laws. THE BOOK » DENISE'S STORY »