Consumers rally against unfair banking practices as bankers gather in Chicago

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As bankers gathered in Chicago this week, thousands of consumers from across the country showed up in Chicago too. Protesters are calling on these banks who received billions in our taxpayer bailout money to help consumers who have fallen victim to bad loan practices and are losing their homes to foreclosure.

As I've mentioned on numerous times, (see here and here for a couple) the financial industry is strongly opposed to any real regulatory reforms and continues to lobby forcefully against the proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Consumers have been rallying outside the American Bankers Association annual conference in Chicago since Sunday, protesting against Wall Street banks and their lobbyists to call for much needed financial reform.  

Though the Showdown in Chicago may have officially ended yesterday, the fight for fairness in lending and financial industry reform continues. A vote on the CFPA is expected soon. Please write to your members of Congress today and ask them to support the CFPA.

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To view more images and read more about the Showdown in Chicago, visit the Chicago Tribune and Huffington post.

Read a few of the many consumer stories on this blog and it becomes clear why we need reforms and an agency designated to protect consumers.

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