New Credit CARD Act Reforms also Sets New Rules in place for those "Not-Really" Free Credit Report Ads too...

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As is often the norm, when laws are passed they often include amendments and provisions that can if not looking for -go overlooked. That's also the case with the recent credit card reform -CARD ACT, bill signed by President Obama last week. The credit CARD Act also included limits for those consistently played ads promoting, what I've often referred to, as the "NOT-REALLY" free credit reports. (See an earlier blog: "Finding Free Credit Reports Requires Knowing where to look!")

The law calls for the Federal Trade Commission to issue new rules that will force free credit report advertisers, such as a/k/a, aka Experian, to inform consumers that the only place for a really free credit report is at (or better yet -you can also call the toll free automated line at 877-322-8228 -a number not commonly known -but it is legit!)

Television and radio ads will also be required to include a disclosure statement: "This is not the free credit report provided for by Federal law."

Find more on these new rules and read consumer comments here at

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