What Happens when F.R.E.E. doesn't Really Mean Free...

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Affil pointed out this funny video spoof by YouTube user Dan Louisell. He explains how the "Free Credit Report" commercial as advertised on TV with the catchy little jingle really isn't free - it's $14.95/month. 


So where do you get your really free annual credit reports?

1. Call 877-322-8228 and order it over the phone - This is an automated toll free line. You can order one credit report from each of the big three credit bureaus in one call -or stagger them and call every four months and order one at a time. Many advocates believe that this is the preferred method because the privacy policy for phone orders is much better than the one for ordering online.

2. Visit the AnnualCreditReport.com website - This will give you immediate access to your credit report but there are certain privacy risks. Be alert to any typos in your browser that will direct you to a fake site. Additionally, while there, if you find yourself on a page where you are asked for a credit card number, back out and start over...chances are you clicked on a wrong link.

Your credit reports will come with a dispute form. Review your credit reports for any errors or fraudulent information and fully complete the provided dispute form. Then return it to the bureaus via certified mail. The number one complaint consumers have when dealing with inaccurate credit reports and the cra's -is their inability to correct their credit reports.

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I recently went on free credit report.com to take a look at my credit. The only way you get to look at it is to give a credit card. I did this, ( not a good idea) I tried for 2 weeks to get through to cancel. Everytime I called in, all agents were busy that they would get to me. This never happened until they took money out of my account. This time I stayed on the phone till someone answered. They cancelled my supposed membership, I explained that I had been trying for 2 weeks to get hold of someone to stop this. Then I was told that I needed to speak with a supervisor to get my money back, spoke with a woman which told me that I needed to speak with someone at corporate headquarters to get my money back. I was transfered yet again and this man insinuated that I was lying. He said that there is no more than a 5 minute wait at any time. He said that he would refund me 7.50 back. I told him that I wanted all my money back. he said that was not going to happen. I told him to refund the $7.50 that I would be letting people know how they do business. Buyer Beware there is nothing free. They have there hook so beware do not give your credit card number to anyone. I have learned a valued lesson.

lesson learned
Sherry from Delaware

Sherry -Please keep us posted here or email me...you are not alone! I have had many reports similar to this and so has the FTC. The only legitimate place to get your free credit report is by calling 877-322-8228 or by going to annualcreditreport.com (and spell it right or you will be taken to the wrong site!)

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