Unnamed Credit and Debit Card Payment Processor has Data Breach...

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Oops, another data breach. VISA has announced that an unnamed credit and debit card processor recently reported a massive data breach -not unlike earlier reported breaches at payment processors Heartland and RBS WorldPay.

At this time, the processor's name is being withheld until completion of a forensic investigation. According to VISA officials, the breach affected all card brands.

This most recent announcement could affect millions of people and credit card customers are being urged to examine their credit card statements for fraudulent charges.

Cnet.com is reporting that various credit unions have decided to re-issued all of their customer credit cards and one credit union, Tuscaloosa Virginia Credit Union posted a statement indicating that malicious software was placed on the processor's system, but additionally stated, there is no evidence that accounts were viewed or data taken by hackers.

There are reports that at least two credit unions,  Pennsylvania Credit Union and Alabama Credit Union are notifying their customers they will be limiting daily purchases to $99.00 per day until new cards are issued. If you think you could be affected by this latest data breach see earlier blog for some proactive steps you can take to help lessen the impact.

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