The New Year brings Newly "Reported" Data Breaches...

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An earlier blog indicated the recent results of a study completed by the Identity Theft Resource Center indicating that reported data breaches had spiked to an all time high.

The study reflected a dramatic increase in data breaches -up over of 47% from last year, with 446 tallied for 2007 and 656 "reported" in 2008. (see earlier blog)

Often, once a company discovers a data loss, they then offer those who may be affected by any compromise of data a one year paid subscription for credit monitoring services...a gesture that in my eyes is  a little too little a little too late. (See Pulte Homes video below)

Here's a list of recently reported data breaches
December 31, -through January 13th

RBS World Pay  1.3 million

University of Rochester  450

Indiana Department of Workforce Development  1,000

Ohio State University 18,000

Columbus City Schools 100+

Pulte Homes Las Vegas Division  16,000

Think you might be affected by a Data Breach? Take proactive measures to lessen the impact of an identity theft -before the worst occurs!

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 Are you one of millions to be notified your data has been stolen?

Do you know what Steps to Take...?

See Video on Pulte Homes Data Breach

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