The Top 10 Things You Will Never Hear From The Big 3 Credit Bureaus...

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10. A human voice...You're having a problem? Come right into our local office for immediate assistance!

9. You're right ...we're wrong and we apologize!

8. It's your credit we're not going to make you pay for it anymore!

7. We know your time is valuable so we are no longer going to expect you to work for free as a type of quality control expert! It's a totally new concept!

6. We admit our system is broken! We're going to stop blaming others and actually fix it!

5. Yes, we should let you have access to your own information -for free.

4. Yes, that's in four credit reports contain costly errors! We need to fix that.

3. No - F.R.E.E. doesn't really spell free.

2. You're right, we need to be held accountable for damages we cause you when our product (your information) is defective.

1., we're not really God -sometimes we just role-play!

Often it's the things we don't hear -that tell the real story.

Unspoken words speak volumes!

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