Predatory payday lending practices cost American families $4.2 billion every year

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Payday loans -Truth or consequences

An ex payday loan employee, Rebecca Flippo speaks out. Hear in her own words why payday loans cost all of us...

Rebecca tells how she and her co-workers explained away the 400% interest rate, and how tough their collection tactics were. And she tells how she came to understand that rather than help her customers, these loans were "keeping them poor."

The 4 minute video was produced by the Center for Responsible Lending

For more information on how debt affects our economy see Emmy-winning journalist Danny Schechter's gripping documentary that exposes the hidden financial and political complex that allows the lowest wage earners to indebt themselves so heavily that even house respossessions are commonplace.

What's really behind this growing epidemic of debt? Will this be the next bubble to burst?

In Debt We Trust -America Before The Bubble Bursts

To learn more about Danny Schechter's efforts visit

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