Another Laundry List of "Reported" Data Thefts...June 2008

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Hackers are progressively finding new and innovating ways to hack into large corporate, government, college, and hospital data bases. These bits of identifying pilfered information can then be sold to multiple identity thieves who often re-sell the same morsels of information to others. That's why, once an id theft occurs in your life -odds are pretty good it can/will happen again.

Here's the latest reported data breaches for June...

Montgomery Ward - June 27
(Online database containing 51,000 - 200,000 credit card numbers hacked)

Texas Department of Public Safety - June 26
(Names, birth dates, driver's license and Social Security numbers 826 employees stolen from contracted company)

Southeast Missouri State University - June 24
(Former employee indicted for possessing 800 student names and Social Security numbers)

California Department of Consumer Affairs - June 23
(Names and Social Security numbers of 5,000 improperly transmitted electronically)

CNET Networks - June 23
(Names, birth dates, Social Security numbers of over 6,500 on stolen computers)

Virgin Media - June 20
(Unencrypted CD containing bank account details of 3,000 customers lost)

Petroleum Wholesale - June 19
(Hundreds of names, addresses and debit and credit card numbers on files found in dumpster)

Castlecroft Medical Practice - June 18
(Medical information, names, addresses, and dates of birth of 11,000 on stolen laptop)

Texas Insurance Claims Services - June 13
(Hundreds of names, addresses and Social Security numbers on files found in dumpster)

Columbia University - June 12
(Social Security numbers of 5,000 available on web)

Dickson County (TN) Board of Education - June 11
(Names and Social Security numbers of 850 on stolen laptop)

University of Florida - June 10
(Social Security numbers, names, and addresses of about 11,300 accidentally posted online)

University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics - June 10
(2.2 million billing records including 1.3 million Social Security numbers on stolen tapes)

1st Source Bank - June 10
(Debit cards replaced for an unknown number of customers)

Cotton Traders - June 10
(Card details of 38,000 customers stolen from hacked website)

University of South Carolina - June 9
(Stolen computer contains personal information of about 7,000)

East Tennessee State University - June 7
(6,200 notified about stolen computer containing personal information)]

Stanford University - June 6
(72,000 notified about personal information on stolen laptop)

Canadian Canola Growers Association - June 4
(Stolen laptop contains social insurance numbers and bank account numbers of 32,000)

AT&T - June 4
(Stolen laptop exposes employee names, salary and Social Security numbers)

Medisure - June 4
(Tapes stolen containing thousands of employee names, addresses and medical details)

Oregon State University - June 3
(Online orders of as many as 4,700 possibly compromised)

Connecticut Department of Labor - June 2
(Documents containing names, addresses and Social Security numbers of about 2,100 lost)

Walter Reed Army Medical Center - June 2
(Personal information including Social Security numbers found on "non-secure computer network")

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