"Reported" Data Breaches for May...Will the Second Quarter of 2008 be Worse than the First?

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The Identity Theft Resource Center Reported that data breaches more than doubled in the first quarter of 2008...stating that large data breaches disclosed by Hannaford Bros Supermarket Chain, GE Money, and Georgetown University were just some of the 167 breaches reported during the first quarter of 2008,...

What will the second quarter of 2008 look like?

See: Hefty Data Breaches for April

Here's what May looks like:

Pocono Mountain School District - May 31, 2008
(Personal information including names, addresses, Social Security numbers of more than 11,000 hacked)

State Street Corp - May 29, 2008
(Names, addresses and Social Security numbers of 45,500 customers on stolen computer)

University of California, San Francisco - May 28, 2008
(Compromised computer contains names, medical information, and some Social Security numbers of 3,569)

Downingtown Area School District -May 22, 2008(Student steals names, addresses, Social Security numbers of 55,000 people)

NYU students' information on Web for months- May 22, 2008
(Stolen laptop believed to contain names, Social Security numbers, and dates of birth of 9,000)

Data breach at New York bank possibly affecting hundreds of thousands of CT consumers: personal information of 4.5 million at risk

Oklahoma Corporation Commission - May 21, 2008
(Server sold at auction compromises more than 5,000 Social Security numbers)

University of Florida College of Medicine - Jacksonville - May 20, 2008
(Photographs and identifying information of 1,900 on improperly disposed computer)

Greil Memorial Psychiatric Hospital - May 16, 2008
("Hundreds" of names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers on lost index cards)

Spring Independent School District (Texas) - May 16, 2008
(Stolen flash drive contains Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and other information of 8,000)

BB&T Insurance - May 15, 2008
(Social Security numbers, names, and dates of birth of school employees on stolen laptop)

Oklahoma State University -May 14, 2008
(Breached server contains names and Social Security numbers of about 70,000)

First Calgary Savings - May 14, 2008
(Account information for "hundreds" on laptop stolen from car)

Pfizer - May 12, 2008
(Salary information, names, and addresses for 13,000 on stolen laptop / flash drive)

Dave & Buster's - May 12, 2008
(Credit and debit card account numbers of 5,000 customers hacked from cash register terminals)

Chilean Ministry of Education - May 11, 2008
(Identity card numbers, names, and addresses of 6 million stolen and posted to the internet)

Princeton University Tower Club - May 9, 2008
(Names and Social Security numbers of 103 inadvertantly released via email)

Las Cruces Public Schools - May 8, 2008
(Staff member posts personal data for 1,800 students and staff on web site)

Dominican University - May 8, 2008
(Students accessed staff records, exposing names, addresses, Social Security numbers of more than 5,000 students)

Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation - May 8, 2008
(Information on 159,000 customers, including name, account number and transactions, lost on stolen server)

Northeast Security - May 6, 2008
(Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, canceled checks of customers thrown in dumpster)

Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute - May 6, 2008
(Names, positions, salaries and Social Security numbers of 192 accidentally sent by email)

WESTPAC - May 4, 2008
(Visa cards recalled after 2,000 customers account details may have been compromised)

Iredell County Tax Administration - May 2, 2008
(Bank accounts, routing numbers, names, addresses of 468 taxpayers stolen from bank courier)

Lunardi's Supermarket - May 1, 2008
(More than 100 customers lose debit and credit card information to ATM scam)

University of California, San Francisco - May 1, 2008
(Patients medical records, names, addresses for 6,313 exposed on vendors website)

Staten Island University Hospital - May 1, 2008
(Social Security numbers, names, and insurance numbers of 88,000 on stolen computer)

Contributing source: attrition.org

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