Tell Banking Regulators to End Unfair and Abusive Credit Card Practices

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The Federal Reserve Board and two other federal banking agencies have released a proposed rule that aims to reform some of the most unfair credit card tricks. But this important new rule of fair play is just a proposal. The banks are fighting hard to weaken the rule before it becomes final. Don't let the banks win!

Read more about the proposal and tell the Federal Reserve Board your opinion or a horror story about your credit card company's practices! We have until August 4th, 2008

Have you received your credit card bill, only to realize that that it was due so soon that you have to pay it right away?

Do you think it's unfair when your credit card company suddenly decides to apply a new, higher interest rate to an old balance?

Has your credit card company raised the rate on money you've already borrowed for no reason or for a flimsy reason?

Putting your personal story into the Federal Reserve Board's comment process can help to ensure that this rule is adopted, and that the Fed hears about all types of unfair credit card practices.

Tell the Fed about your experiences.

The Federal Reserve Board explicitly mentioned that a major reason for proposing such a protective rule was the comments they received from individual consumers about their negative experiences with credit card companies.

They need to hear this again!

This is a great opportunity to end some of the most unfair credit card company practices!

Tell the Federal Reserve your story by visiting AFFIL

For the full proposal -click here

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