"Reported" Data Breach Count has Reached an All-Time High

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The Identity Theft Resource Center's latest report indicates the breach meter of reported data breaches for the first half of 2008 hits 342 as of June 27th.

2008 Data Breach count is 69% greater than 2007(Jan 1 through June 27)

San Diego, CA -The ITRC data breach count has reached an all-time high. Between January 1st and June 27th, the total number of data breaches recorded by the ITRC is 342, more than 69% greater than the same time period in 2007. The actual number of breaches is more than likely higher, due to underreporting, and the fact that some of the breaches reported, which affect multiple businesses, are listed as a single event. The BNY Mellon and SunGard data exposures are examples of these "multiple" events. In one case, the customers and/or employees of at least 45 "entities" were affected by a breach that the ITRC reported as a single event.

ITRC focuses primarily on the number of breaches, and not records exposed. In almost 40% of breach events, the number of records exposed is not reported or is not fully disclosed publicly. This means the number of affected records is incomplete, therefore misleading.

The use of potentially affected records, versus the number of breaches, generally causes more concern and is exploitive. However, for a reliable and credible report, ITRC focuses upon the number and types of breaches. This is also the reason that ITRC does not list the top ten breaches of the year. To list only those who took the time to audit records and/or expose the true number of potentially affected people is inaccurate.

To view the study and reports used to compile this study, go to the ITRC website.

Dallas Judge Gives Woman 38 Years For ID Theft

A woman who stole thousands of dollars from North Texas nursing home patients and fast food customers and employees will face the longest identity theft sentence in Dallas County history.

It is often said that authorities try to 'send a message' with the sentences they hand down. Monday Furnioes Parker received a 38-year prison sentence for felony ID theft.

Parker was convicted of taking personal information from customers, co-workers and patients. Judge Andy Chatham issued the sentence after a Monday morning hearing, during which Parker did not take the stand. The 42-year-old pled guilty to the charges against her last month.

During the hearing Monday, a number of children of Alzheimer's patients at the C.C. Young Retirement Community in Dallas took the stand. The men and women testified that they saw their parent's names tarnished by Parker, who worked at the home as a retirement aid.

"I just can't imagine the need to steal from someone who is helpless," testified Stephen Toon whose parent was a victim of Parker's. MORE

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