Floridians Rally in Tally 2; Freedom Ride to the Capitol

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On the night of March 8th, two buses will leave from Miami, each traveling up a different Florida coast.  They will head north, picking up Floridians along the way. These people aren't going shopping at an outlet mall.  They aren't heading to a sporting event.  They're not even going to Walt Disney World! 

These travelers are instead descending on the state capitol in Tallahassee to have their voices heard --they are on a mission to find accountability and justice.  It's the second annual Rally in Tally, and it is going to command some attention--just as the first trip did.

Consumer outrage about misconduct in the financial industry has grown since the events that caused this country's current slide into recession.  Organizers of the Rally in Tally want to educate legislators and share their overall concerns over foreclosure practices, predatory lending and mortgage servicing practices that have been allowed to go on for far too long.
The participants in the rally are Floridians from all over the state and all over the political and sociological spectrum.  They are professional people, working people, political people and the opposite of political people.  Together they have a big voice, one they are not afraid to use to shed light on the big problems that plague our state and our nation.
The first Rally in Tally aimed to bring awareness to fraudulent and predatory foreclosure practices.  This second rally, one year later, focuses on reaching out to help all Floridians facing financial ruins caused by high debt, low property values, skyrocketing credit card interest rates and spiraling credit scores. Whether you're facing an underwater mortgage or you're simply overflowing in debt, this latest rally is open to any Floridians who have been affected by any one of the dominos that came crashing down when their home values plummeted.
It is impossible to avoid hearing the stories from consumers across the country who have been caught in bad banking practices, steamrollered under foreclosure mills, or bamboozled in some way by the financial fallout of the crash. It seems every night on the news we are subjected to another tale of an investigation or some misconduct in the financial sector.

Floridians are coming together next week to say they've had enough, that they expect decent fairness from their duly elected government, and they expect that laws will be upheld for consumers and corporations alike.
If you are struggling to find relief, accountability or a sense of validation, you should get on one of those buses and head to Tallahassee.  My email continues to reflect the fact that consumers still can't find relief from abusive and reckless mortgage servicing practices. Many can't believe they are trying to right wrongs that continue to be ignored by those who could--or should--put a stop to them. Even more express disbelief when they read complaints and stories on numerous consumer watchdog sites and blogs that demonstrate how the same abuses continue to occur unchecked, over and over again. I don't have the answers.  And neither do any of the Floridians on their way to Tallahassee.  They're going because they refuse to give up trying to find those answers.
If you could use a bit of validation, if you want to have a way to meet with your legislators, if you want to add your voice to the growing chorus in our state capitol, join the Rally in Tally.


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This rally is very important for all foreclosure victims.

I attended last year. If there are just twice as many this year then we will have made our voices heard even louder.

Our elected officials MUST see the faces of our society in which the banking industry is destroying. All the while to protect their interests and their wallets.

Please, join us in standing up for OUR rights and OUR integrity and OUR families.


See you there!

Thank you Denise for promoting our event!

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