Florida Rally in Tally: A Fight to be heard by Judges not Foreclosure Mills...

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Bus loads of lawyers, consumers and advocates from across the state left in the dark of night from various points of Florida all ready to converge on the state capital to fight against proposed foreclosure legislation. (See videos below)

A controversial bill written by bankers that would allow foreclosure mills to put homeowners and tenants on the streets without having to go before a judge first. With rampant fraud, forged documents, bank errors and deceptive practices that have caused many illegal foreclosures to take place, ...do we really want to let bankers and foreclosure mills speed up foreclosures? Wouldn't that just cover up fraudulent documents and steamroll over a homeowner's constitutional right to due process?

We trust judges to protect our rights -not the bankers who have proven they care little if anything about ours.

Watch for more videos, updates, insights and news on the Rally in Tally!!

For more info on the controversial foreclosure bills HB 1523 and SB 2270 see:




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Just got back! What a day!

Here is a video link of the Rally in Tally!



What an experience it was.

I did realize that when you put a face and your true emotion with your nightmare of a situation that you are facing, they will listen. Maybe it is politics at its best or maybe (and we can only pray) that it was true listening from our elected officials. Time will tell.

For everyone that attended, remember that this allowed many voices to be spoken. Hopefully, the next time - and there really should be a next time - there will be more consumers there to speak.

We made an impact and we need to keep making that impact until the government changes the way mortgage banking/lending/servicing companies are allowed to destroy the United States of America hard working citizens.

Remember, they (government officials) are to be working for us. Maybe it is time that we keep reminding them of this.

A huge 'thank you' and 'great job' goes out to all who organized this rally and especially to those that attended.


ARROGANT SENATOR BENNETT, not even pretending to have concern for those thousands losing their homes in his district! http://ning.it/aO9SLt

This was created back in early Feb, but boy oh boy it hit the nail on the head!


Foreclosure Hamlet.org

Lisa - I am sooo glad that you made that post about Senator Bennett. You weren't in his office when myself and 5 others were. OMG, we were speechless.

We gathered in his office and was told by his secretary that usually you have to have an appointment to see him, but today, he was free. After she made a few trips into his office, she finally came out (conveniently) and her phone rang. While standing she stated, "You need him right away?" OH PLEASE - IF THAT WASN'T A SET UP OR AN ACT, THEN I REALLY HAVE TO GO TO HOLLYWOOD AND AUDITION MYSELF!

Sure enough, Senator Bennett emerged (almost on que) from his office - without his suit jacket - and asked why we were there. One lady stated that we wanted to speak to him about the homeowners rights and the affect that is senate bill would have on all of us.

He flipped out!!! Was speaking to all us in a raised voice and defending 'how wonderful' this bill was. "Oh, so you would just let your neighbor lose their home????" "Have you ever heard of Deed in lieu of Foreclosure?" "Why would you even want to fight for your home?"

It was so unbelievable at the tone of voice that he took with us that our jaws literally hit the floor. We were so shocked at his attitude and behavior that none of us could even speak.

After his few 'choice' words to us, he left his office (still without his suit jacket) and walked down the hallway. Then turned around and came back in his office. Wow, hope the other person on the phone wasn't needing him for an emergency or anything!

Immediately the 6 of us starting stating how much of a pompus ass he was and does he not realize that he is OUR elected official who is SUPPOSED to look out for OUR rights? The chatter in the hallway in front of his office was deafening.

Now I see where he stated (must have been after our visit), "They don't want me to make it too easy to protect the consumer." on Bay News 9. Really??? They (the banks) do not want HIM to make it easy for consumer protection. Wow, such a change of heart in such a short time.

But then again, when you are sponsored by several major banks, what is a man to do???

I am still in awe of his arrogant and rude behavior. It would have been so sweet to have a cell phone video going at that time as one person stated.

Go ahead Mr. Senator, show your true colors, because obviously the consumers don't matter much to you!

It's a shame that MY tax dollars are paying his wages. Walk in our shoes Mr. Senator. Oh, I forgot, you get to home to your non-foreclosed house and spend your (our ?) money with your credit cards and have such a wonderful evening in front of your TV with your perfect family while the rest of us are fighting for our lives and the lives of our families.

I will close with that as this is so unacceptable that I fume with anger when thinking about what happened.

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