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Tired of being ignored by your mortgage servicing company? Sick of getting the same old  loan modification runaround? Feel like you can't stand to hear one more lie or twisted excuse over why it takes so long? Did your credit score plummet because you were misdirected by your bank -told to skip mortgage payments in order to qualify for a loan modification?  Facing rising credit card interest rates with reduced or suspended credit lines?  Do your complaints to creditors and government agencies continue to be ignored? If you answered yes -share your story -now!  See: Mr. Zombeck goes to Washington and Needs your Stories

Here's a few short excerpts:

Thanks to MASSPIRG and Americans for Financial Reform (AFR), I'll be going to Washington next week to meet with my Congressmen. I'm hoping to have thousands of stories on  from people who have suffered at the hands of banks and financial instructions. The same banks and institutions who have been allowed to run amok on Wall Street and nearly took the rest of us down with them less than two years ago.

When I get there I want to show Senators John Kerry and Scott Brown why this country needs financial reform and why we need their vote on the The Restoring American Financial Stability Act. Your letters and stories will serve as irrefutable evidence that Congress needs to reform the way Wall Street has been doing business.

...If you've followed my posts here or on the website you know that my wife and I have been affected personally and financially by the lack of regulation and oversight of this country's financial industry.

...The people who wrote and service these sloppy, unconscionable, and poorly written loans are heard by Congress every day. As are the credit card companies and banks that charge 29 percent interest rates and $65 overdraft fees. When was the last time any of us were heard? Most members of Congress are oblivious to what goes on in their own state. Nor do they make an effort to understand or listen to real stories...

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Tell the Senate to Strengthen Financial Reform Legislation and Hold Big Banks Accountable

Senator Dodd recently released his proposed financial reform legislation and though proposed bill takes some important steps to protect consumers, curb Wall Street's greedy and risky behavior, and end the era of "too big to fail." --it doesn't go far enough. 
Here's how Americans for Fairness in Lending and Americans for Financial Reform believe the bill should be strengthened:

  •     Don't let the failed bank regulators interfere with consumer protection. The bill allows a "council of regulators" to overturn decisions made by the Consumer Financial Protection Agency.  This council will dominated by the institutions that failed consumers in the past - the last people who should be allowed to overrule consumer protections!
  •     Regulate All Financial Companies. The CFPA should have jurisdiction - including enforcement  power -  over all companies in the financial business, no matter what size they are.
  •    Shine light on the shadow markets. The bill must clearly and effectively regulate Wall Streets shadow markets, without loopholes that undermine the rules.
  •    End the Rigged Casino Economy.  Big Wall Street banks must not be allowed to be too big to fail, nor should they be allowed to take reckless risks that the public ends up paying for.
The bankers and their army of lobbyists are out in full force to weaken and defeat meaningful reform.  Delays only serve to favor their agenda - so the Senate must act right away.

Take Action! Click here to tell the Senate to strengthen the bill and enact real reform, before the next crisis wipes out even more homes and jobs.

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I believe that deceptive business practices and Mortgage servicing fraud only benefits the middlemen. In the end, the investor loses and so does the borrower. The only one getting the gold in this sutuation is the servicers in the middle. Yet they are not held responsible for their actions.

I paid 3,500.00 on my credit card (Airtran visa issued by BarclaycardUS)& went to the trip to Hawaii to attend my yearly business convention
My credit card did not work at the Car rental etc etc .As i checked my account to my surprise the Bank reduced my credit limit without informing me
& swallowed my $3,500.00 I have never been late on my payments.I have auto deduction from my checking account.Is it not illegal practice?

I just signed the petition "One Million Loan Revolt - Loan Modification/ Foreclosure/ Deception" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 20,000 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition there.

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