Redi, Set, Get Scammed!

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According to infomercials for the Xpress Redi Set Go small cooking appliance their product will save you time, money and even calories. They claim it's a  pizza maker, sandwich maker and meat cooker that can turn any dull leftover into a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner, in a matter of minutes. Sounds good for an appliance under $40.00. But -as always, when it sounds too good to be true -it often is. 

I fell into this trap myself, and wrote about it in an attempt to warn others to avoid calling the Redi-Set Go order line (See why--Redi-Set-Go complaints phone trickery)

The trouble is this electric cooker comes with various inserts for preparing hors d'oeuvres, utensils, pans, and even an option to join a monthly recipe club -for a price. Not bad if you want these items -and don't care that your original intent to purchase a cooking appliance for under $40.00 --can quickly, and without your permission, rise to $145.00 --along with recurring charges for your enrollment in their recipe of the month club too. 

The question is, what about those of us who don't want these additional charges? What if we only want to purchase that small cooker for the promised price of fewer than forty bucks? Based on my experience and that of countless others here -tough luck! Chances are you will end up with the same headaches I did and Brittany refers to in her email -published with her permission;

Just saw your article on this product. I too broke every anal rule I hold dear to me and succumbed to their scam by placing an order over the phone. As I read your article it was like I was reliving every word from my experience. As I ended the call with NO dollar amount or WHAT exactly I ordered, my heart sank and I immediately ran to the computer and started researching. Like you said, It did not take me long to find the numerous complaints of similar stories. When I called on Monday morning because I placed the order on Sunday, she told me the $145 charge may be charged as it was already shipped. What? Excuse me? What did u say? $145.00? I had already blasted them with emails on Sunday stating I wanted to cancel and they would hear from me on Monday morning at 9am sharp.
When she told me that total as it went from 2 easy payments of $19.95 and shipping handling of 14.95, to $145 I knew the only way to stop this was 1) cancel my card..Ugh 2) find a way to stop these predatory practices. So, I chose both.
I saw you contacted the attorney General's office and curious if you got far and can you send me any information to contact them also. One thing about me is I am pro America and very proud of it. I just finished medical school at the ripe ole age of 40 while working 2 and 3 jobs and raising a 2 year old. So needless to say determination, diligence and research queen is in my blood. I dug around and found they are based out of the Philippines. WHAT!!
If I have to camp out on Matt Lauer's door to get the word out, I will!

Brittany Greenwood
I hear all the time from disgruntled consumers, wronged homeowners and victims of predatory practices -"no one hears us, no one responds, no one cares."  It isn't just that they don't know where to turn; when they do find an ear of someone inside a government agency or customer service center no one takes effective changes to stop it --the buck stops nowhere.

We need to continue to speak out and expose these practices for what they are -predatory and wrong.  Collectively sharing our stories can help expose the wrongs to right them and along the way, hopefully bring pressure to bear sending a clear message that fraud and predatory practices must be stopped --and exposed for what they are ---wrong.  You are making a difference one voice at a time.

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When you buy one get one free you will not get any pans with the free Redi-set-go unit.

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