Better File your Income Tax Return--Before an Identity Thief does.

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Are you waiting on your tax refund? Anxious to use that money to reduce your credit card debt? Are you planning on using it for a vacation or perhaps a new computer? Terri Bryan had similar hopes. She was planning on using her refund to purchase a needed a new car --that is until she found out someone else had already filed, and received, her income tax refund --leaving her unable to file her taxes, obtain her refund or buy that new car.

Someone used her Social Security number and personal identifying information to steal her identity--and tax refund. Terri was planning on spending her refund check, a total due of $4,995,  on a reliable car. So, the day after getting her W-2 she went online to file her return and that's when she received an ominous message that something wasn't right: "Transmission did not go through."

When Terri hit the button to submit her return a warning popped up telling her the taxes could not be filed. Turns out someone had filed Terri's taxes just two days before her company handed her the W-2 and now that crook was getting her refund check --and she's left waiting for the ongoing investigation to be completed before she receives any refund at all. And that could take months.

Watch the video or read more about Terri Bryan's story here

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Find out FAQ from the IRS here: Identity theft and your tax returns


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Wow...this is unbelievable! As convenient as it is to use the internet, it's awful that we have to worry about people stealing our identity...and our homes, too, in some cases.

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