J P Morgan Chase delays some foreclosures---and then what?

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Many weary and beleaguered homeowners who have been caught up in longtime battles with their mortgage servicing company -fighting desperately for someone to help them stop the not-so-merry go 'round of abusive mortgage servicing and illegal foreclosure practices, must feel some small sense of vindication and hope.

Chase's decision to suspend over 50,000 foreclosures to review title documents for "errors", along with last week's news that GMAC was doing the same, leaves many of us asking why has it taken so long? What about those who have had their homes foreclosed on illegally? and what will be done to right the wrongs?

Putting the brakes on foreclosures and reviewing the title documents, along with homeowner complaints, has been something that is long overdue. This blog, and an array of activist websites are filled with stories of  wrongful foreclosures, mortgage servicing nightmares that include proven claims of fabricated documents, sloppy accounting practices, mortgage servicing fraud and much, much more. Homeowners have been desperately fighting to hold on to their homes -homes they believe have been -or are about to be, stolen out from under them.  

Banks foreclose first -ask questions later -if ever...

JPMorgan Chase & Co. executive said in a deposition last May that she hadn't personally verified information on the thousands of affidavits and other documents she signed so that her bank could foreclose on houses.

Beth Ann Cottrell, an operation supervisor at the company's Chase Home Finance unit, testified that she and seven other managers signed a total of about 18,000 documents a month, according to a transcript.

"My review is more or less signing the document unless it's questionable," she said.
suspending more than 50,000 foreclosures as it reviews the legitimacy of legal documents in those cases

GMAC middle manager Jeffrey Stephan said in a deposition that he signed 10,000 foreclosure packages a month. To accomplish that, he had to give up something. What he omitted was checking to see whether the named owner was really in default and whether the listed mortgage holder in fact still held the mortgage. In other words, he had no time to check the facts contained in the papers whose accuracy he was guaranteeing. Nor did he bother to always have a notary present when he signed, as required.

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Chase closed on a new construction home and I was promised a certificate of ocuupancy I was locked out for 9 months and the goof ball bank said they funded the loan in good faith and held me to a mtg to a house zI could not live in Fools

Everhome Mortgage Co. - Florida is foreclosing on my home in November 2010. My payment was raised $300.00/MONTH. Eventually, an escrow error was found on the account, but the foreclosure papers were served in April, 2010. The error was found after the PA Attorney General's Office contacted them in May 2010.

Research has allowed me to stay in my home after Chase gave me a loan modification, I have survived 10 illegal foreclosure attempts from them. I want to share the same info that has shown these thieves that we as hardworking American Homeowners KNOW our rights.
Their atty (which they paid for with my loan payments held in suspense and should have been applied to my house payments) sent me a letter that stated that the Oct foreclosure sale of my home had been postponed until the end of Nov. I had paid every single payment and was shocked that Alabama is a state that doesnt have to send certified letters or let the homeowner know your home is up for sale!!
I didnt agree to Chase demands to file bankruptcy or do a workout because I knew that one way or another I would legally prove their fraud. Chase stopped taking my payments (YET I still send them on time everytime)
Demand a forensic audit by certified mail AND most important request a TILA Truth in Lending Act request for them to..PRODUCE THE DOCUMENTS. Most loans are bought out and MERS has to report the proof. Bottom line....If you are doing the right thing and you know they are not...get them to start answering your request for INFO. I went to Legal Svc.(because if I had the $ to pay a big time atty..I wouldnt have needed a loan mod anyway) and had them call and request all the thousands of doucuments ,they had me fax and resend by FedEX OVER AND OVER AND OVER which they claimed they never rcvd. I have proof that all the documents were sent and yet they still give the written response every time I call.
Dont waste your money on things you can do yourself and IF you know that you have not broke your loan mod contract....Dont you dare back down.
Pls email me if I can help

I purchased my home in 2006 and have been making monthly payments since Nov 2006. In the past few years I have struggled to make my payments and tend to send the payments a couple weeks late due to how my income comes in. However, I never missed a payment during the life cycle of this loan. Realizing that I am incurring late fees and that they are stacking up, I called EMC and inquired about changing the payment date to the end of the month. I was advised by the EMC representative that I need to refinance the loan in order to have the date changed.
When I attempted to refinance, I was told that my house did not have equity and was worth less than the loan, so I would not qualify for a refinance. I was then advised to apply for a Home Modification as there are multiple options available if the modification was not approved. I made 3 unsuccessful attempts to obtain a modification and given the run around.
Recently, on (6/15/11) I called EMC to determine if they received my latest mortgage payment, because the check was not cashed after 2 weeks from the time that I sent it. I was advised by the EMC Services Representative that my mortgage was in Active Foreclosure. Loan # 1 was over 3 months behind in payments and that EMC will not accept my payment because of the status of the loan; and Loan # 2 was currently behind by 2 months and in threat of foreclosure.
I disagree with this assertion, as I have made every monthly payment on both loans since 11/15/06.
I since went through my old bank statements in order to validate my position. I also put together a spread sheet that summarized my payments and dates that EMC cashed or accepted each payment. I sent the information to EMC Customer Service via Fax and US mail, including copies of the supporting bank statements.
I've frustrated because every time I called to follow up they acted as though they didn't get any of my correspondence. Just last week they said that received something from me and its under review, I should give them 7 days to respond...

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