Never missed a mortgage payment --but facing a foreclosure!

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So, you think you have your mortgage make your payments on time, pay your taxes and insurance, and then somehow you get the dreaded foreclosure letter. How can that be? Watch the below video of a FOX 4 investigative report as they review complaints levied against one mortgage servicing company's tactics and what the state is (or isn't) doing about it.

A couple of short -but to the point, excerpts;
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"...There is no dealing with this company (American Home Mortgage Servicing)," said shores. "I faxed. I called. I certified lettered. I did everything to everybody, including the tax office that this was deferred...including the original deferral affidavit and it was totally ignored."

Sound familiar? Read on...

Shores says the trouble started last year. The company that manages their mortgage account sent a notice stating her mother was delinquent on her property taxes. But Shores' mother, Helen Jordan had deferred her Dallas County property taxes, as Texas law allows for people over the age of 65. And she had written proof. But the mortgage servicer went ahead and paid the back taxes of $14,348.82 and demanded repayment.

and on...

Charles Smith says he is irate and at his wits end. He says he has never missed a mortgage payment yet he fears he could also lose his home because of delinquent taxes. Even though Smith has written proof from the county tax office that his taxes have been paid in full, he says his mortgage servicer set up an escrow account to cover the taxes. Then, the company nearly doubled his monthly payment. But he kept making his regular monthly payments.

Mortgage servicing complaints like the Smith's and Shores' continue to run rampant these days. I continue to hear from many homeowners, all asking the same question; How is this allowed to happen -and why isn't anyone doing anything to stop it?

Complaints of wrongful foreclosures, ransacked homes and the use of fabricated documents are on the rise. We all certainly hope someone with the necessary authority to do so, will step up and stop these widespread and unconscionable predatory practices! We need to  hold those responsible for these crimes against homeowners, criminally accountable for the harm they've caused! 

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This is so scary to think about. It really makes me think twice about my goal of owning a home.

I have Problem with my bank wants to foreclose on my property even though I am current on my mortgage/ They won't accept september payment I am under big stress can someone help.

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