Disabled homeowner facing foreclosure pleads: Where is the heart? Is anyone safe?

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With an eviction looming, Karen Pettit, a disabled 52 year old Slidell, Louisiana woman documents her frustrating experiences and obstacles faced when trying to find promised relief and governmental assistance through federal housing programs and GMAC. 

My Foreclosure Story
By: Karen Pettit
Slidell, Louisiana

I have been documenting my experience as a 52 year old Slidell, Louisiana woman who is disabled and trying to acquire assistance with housing programs from our Federal Government with an eviction looming from GMAC Mortgage. 

My husband and I taped an interview with "Action Reporter" Bill Capo from WWL-TV Channel 4 (New Orleans).  On Thursday, June 16th, 2010, this feature aired on the 10:00 p.m. news. 

We purchased our home in 2003.  We had just gotten married in 2002 and were celebrating my promotion to a lucrative management position.   And we were excited about the next step--becoming homeowners.   However, shortly after we purchased our home, I became ill and it wasn't very long before I just couldn't work anymore.  My condition quickly degenerated and eventually, I became permanently disabled.  

As a direct result of my new disabled status, our mortgage note became increasingly harder to make.  And within a few years, our payment became substantially more, due to increases in taxes and then, Hurricane Katrina.  The losses to the local insurance industry had many premium carriers canceling policies and no new policies were being written.  This forced many homeowners to turn to government insurance programs--at a much higher premium.  Our monthly note was increased a couple of hundred dollars, and we had begun to feel the pinch.

During 2009, we fell behind in our payments.  Coincidentally, GMAC raised our monthly payment to a totally unobtainable number for us (twice the original monthly cost).  This left no money for food or utilities.  And then there was the increasing cost of my medications and the copays for doctor appointments.  Every month we had to scramble to keep the utilities on and food on the table.   Our church assisted whenever they could, but, in this floundering economy, tithing was down and there were many families in greater need that had children, and of course, they are the priority.  Still, our church helped us with groceries whenever they could.  Finally, we had to borrow $10,000 from my newly widowed mother to get us through these outrageous payments.

The later part of 2009, I was in hospice care last year, and during this time my husband lost his job.  As I was terminal, my husband kept how bleak our financial situation was from me.  When my husband notified GMAC Mortgage about our hardship, they said they were sympathetic to our plight, and we had a couple of options.  They could tack the amount we were behind to the back of our mortgage, raise our premium until we caught up, or submit us for a loan modification that our government was providing for folks like us to save their homes.  To this end, my husband provided GMAC with our current financial information.  My husband's mistake, however, was trusting in GMAC to follow through with any of their suggestions.

I became painfully aware of our housing situation when the sheriff came to our door in January of this year with a foreclosure notice from our mortgage company, GMAC.  Even with that, when my husband kept calling them, GMAC was always reassuring--that they didn't want the house back, that they were still in the process of submitting us.  We kept in contact with GMAC throughout the next several months and the response was always the same--that GMAC hadn't heard back from any of the available programs.  Again, our regret is trusting what GMAC said they would do.  We were led to believe that one of GMAC's suggested options would remedy our situation, and would keep us in our home.

We also contacted our mortgage company requesting the total amount that we were behind in our payments, and advised them that our church needed this information as they were offering to throw a fundraiser on our behalf and hopefully, at least get us caught up and current while seeking a loan modification.

The sale of our home was set for April 28th, 2010.  On the 27th, GMAC asked us to send some additional financial information.  My husband scrambled around to fulfill their request, faxed 9 pages to GMAC, and then called to confirm that GMAC had received the information.

The next day, we were told that we were "denied" by everyone and we lost our home.  Our foreclosure took place on April 28, 2010, right after we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary.  About a week later, we received a letter from their attorney stating how much we owed in back payments for the church benefit...after they foreclosed.  What happened to our "options"?

I was a little suspicious, as GMAC certainly didn't have enough time (literally overnight) to submit us anywhere and receive a response.  I repeatedly asked for the documentation of who they submitted us to and why we were denied, to no avail.  

I knew that our government had given GMAC a lot of our tax dollars.  And, on April 13, 2009, GMAC Mortgage made a commitment to our government to participate in the Home Affordable Modification (HMP) Program and offer this option to their customers suffering from the effects of our economy and falling behind in their mortgage.  GMAC Mortgage sent out hundreds of thousands of "financial packages" to their customers who were struggling with their mortgage payments and could benefit from this program.  They even stated in their April 15th press release that if they hadn't heard back from those customers that received this financial package within 90 days, they reached out to them and contacted them personally.  We never received one of these packets although they claim they sent it.  In that same press release, GMAC Mortgage states "We want customers to contact us if they are behind or having difficulty keeping up with payments.  The HMP Program offers borrowers more modification options than were previously available, so it is important for customers to reach out to us.  It is critical that the customer quickly return the completed financial package and affidavit of hardship to us".  And how is the mortgage modification faring?  No so good.  Only about 1/3 of the homeowners who have successfully completed the trial period of the mortgage modification program have been offered permanent relief.  Yet, GMAC Mortgage has proudly stated in another of their press releases "Our foreclosure department is the most successful division".  I'll bet.

One day, I placed a call to GMAC's customer service and their representative "Mary" assisted us.  With me on one phone and my husband on the other and a tape recorder running, Mary informed us that we were never submitted to anyone...so there was no denial!  Conveniently, she did state that they had received the paperwork that we had faxed, but it was dated the 29th--the day after the foreclosure.  We knew that we provided this on the 27th and objected--Why then did we receive a denial?  Still, Mary insisted that "everything is in the computer...and there were no submissions or denials".  We were devastated...and stunned.

This presents a real problem for us.  If GMAC had no intention of working with us, they should have informed us so we could pursue programs on our own.  Instead of assisting my husband in a timely manner when he called about our hardship, when we were just 2 months behind in our mortgage payment, now, due to their stalling, we were seriously delinquent.  And, because of this mortgage company's deception, we were denied the opportunity and right to apply for a loan modification program and possibly save our home.  And then there was the issue of the other proposed "options"--what happened to these?  Why were we not getting the same assistance that every other United States citizen was entitled to in these difficult economic times?  And why were we any different than the thousands of others in our same situation that were sent this mysterious "financial package"?  The Obama Administration has estimated that taxpayer losses on the GMAC bailout may be at least 6.3 billion.  In theory, we are paying GMAC to discriminate against me.  

And the law is clear on treatment of disabled citizens--housing discrimination is unlawful whether it is deliberate and intentional or has the effect of having a greater of "disparate" impact on people in a protected group.  GMAC Mortgage was fully aware years ago that I had become disabled and we had lost my income.  Yet, even as we had fallen behind in the past due to our economic deficit, they had raised our mortgage payment to an unobtainable amount for us to "catch up".  This left no money for food and utilities, and we were constantly "tap dancing as fast as we could" just to keep the lights on and food on the table.  We are eternally grateful to our families, friends, and church for "supporting" us so we could exist...but was this living?  And in this process, I was dying.

Mortgage servicers have been warned about resisting the urge to collect delinquent payments up front and in the process, stretching their customers too thin.  And HUD is imposing greater penalties on residential mortgage servicers that fail to offer loss mitigation options for federally insured mortgages--sometimes up to 3x the claim amount of the mortgage.  It is estimated that the majority of foreclosures are fraudulent--why isn't America speaking up?  Class action law suits don't really penalize big business enough to hit them hard enough in the pocketbook.  However, if every American experiencing a fraudulent or illegal foreclosure would file a personal lawsuit against these crooks, believe me, they'd feel the "crunch"--almost as hard as they turned the screws to us.

As I looked to our government for affordable housing for the disabled, I was told at the time that in the state of Louisiana, there were no housing programs for the non-elderly disabled (the fastest and largest growing group in our homeless population).  There are programs for children (and there should be) and seniors (and there should be) and the developmentally disabled (and there should be), but nothing at that time in Louisiana for the non-elderly disabled.  Many housing programs were not even taking applications due to their straining waiting lists.  However, I did discover one local program being offered by a non-profit organization, but first I have to become homeless and then there is a waiting list.  I have a hospital room setting in my home...where will my equipment go?  

Not accepting the lack of housing programs as fact, and with newly acquired cynicism after being lied to by our mortgage company, I turned to the internet.  And lo and behold, I found a currently open federal program being offered from HUD titled "Rental Assistance for Non-Elderly Disabled Persons".  However, for some unknown reason, the State of Louisiana didn't apply for this funding.  Consequently, our federal government and state government have identified each other as the culprit and seem more concerned about shifting the blame instead of assisting me and listening to my concerns, and didn't even address the fact that I was being denied access to a federal program.  The funny thing is, Mr. Capo the action reporter spoke with the attorney representing our mortgage company, GMAC.  She confirmed that our home had been foreclosed on and we will soon be evicted.  Mr. Capo asked what will happen to our home, will it be put up for sale?  Her answer shocked him--our home is becoming a HUD home!  He has suggested to all parties involved that we be allowed to stay put and has now reached out to HUD about this situation.  The other day, I received a call from an office that is handling the transition from GMAC Mortgage to HUD.  Unfortunately, there is a law that in order for HUD to take possession of our home, it needs to be vacant...huh?

Mr. Capo wants to do a follow up interview and in the interim, asked me to keep fighting to get my voice heard and document my experience.  The file I have kept is two inches thick.  I hope to compile a booklet for advocacy groups with all the information I have logged since our foreclosure.  I have carefully recorded every single person or agency that I have spoken with since that dark day in January when the sheriff came to the door.  And besides the television exposure, this email was sent to everyone in my address book, asking for my story to be forwarded to everyone they know.  And it was sent to any federal, state and local government offices, and every organization that I could find that deals with advocacy, disability issues, homelessness and consumer affairs.  I also contacted our local media, as well as newspapers, magazines, talk shows and news programs nationally.  In addition, I have filed formal complaints with the Better Business Bureau, The FHEO, The Federal Trade Commission, House Financial Services Committee, The Department of Justice Civil Rights/Disability Rights, the ACLU, the FDIC, Department of the Treasury, our Attorney General, the Subcommittee on Housing, the Office of Financial Institutions, and HUD,--just to name a few.  I am touched by the messages of support from people I've never met and numerous advocates and organizations that really care about this country's disabled citizens.

I've reached out to our President, and Kareem Dale, the President's Special Assistant on Disability Policy.  I have not received a response.

I volunteer one day a week at a nonprofit organization working with the severely disabled.  Many of them live in group homes.  It's difficult to have an "pity party" after spending one hour with these amazing people who give love unconditionally and are so joyously engaged in life.  If nothing else, perhaps some good will come out of all this through my tenacity.  With the knowledge that I've compiled in my journey, perhaps I can assist other disabled people.  And just maybe, GMAC Mortgage and others will adapt a more sensitive approach and position towards the disabled.  And maybe our government will enforce their own laws.

I am not someone with any "pull", but I have a voice.  And there are so many disabled Americans out there just like me that are frustrated with trying to stay healthy and not stressed while facing chronic illness and/or end of life issues.  And some are too tired and sick and just give up after the first 5 "No's"--I've heard 55 "No's" and I'm not going away...at least on my own volition.

GMAC Mortgage fully understood my terminal status.  In light of their agreement with our government to offer modification programs, the least they could do is the minimum--we didn't even rate that.  And GMAC also knew they were dealing with a legally disabled person that was terminally ill and would be put in harm's way by facing homelessness.  My doctor has written a letter describing my condition and how important it is for me to have safe housing and as little stress as possible.  I am not looking for special privileges--with what our citizens are facing economically in our country and with so many joining the homeless population for the first time.  But I want an equal shot and the same rights as other people to affordable housing.

Where is the heart?  Where are ethics?  Has our disposable society become so desensitized that people and their lives have so little meaning?  And I know if they are doing this to me, that they are doing this to others.

So I did a search online and was shocked by the numerous complaints filed by consumers against GMAC Mortgage.  The sheer numbers will speak volumes regarding this mortgage company's business tactics.  I've even read several stories that sounded very similar to our experience with GMAC.  

To date, we are existing on my disability payment of $800 a month--for both of us.  Yet, we have been told on several occasions that we make "too much money" to qualify for Food Stamps or Medicaid.

GMAC Mortgage's position regarding the events leading to our foreclosure changes depending on who you talk to.  At first, according to GMAC, our financial information was submitted a day late.  Now they are claiming that we never provided our financial information at all--which is it?

I want to thank GMAC Mortgage and our government for making me so mad that I'm just too angry to die.  I know realistically, I may not see any results that can help me and my husband, but maybe my legacy will be a catalyst for change and this won't happen to anyone else.  But I wouldn't count on it.

My husband is a seminary graduate.  If GMAC will lie to a minister and his terminal wife, I guess no one is safe.  

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In Karen's circumstances.

She may have other recourse. I'm curious about a couple of things. First, did she get her loan through GMAC directly or through a loan broker. Second, it sounds like her loan was not a 30 year fixed, but rather an Option ARM; a loan with a fixed rate at the front end, that resets over time, and which gave her the option of making a minimum payment, paying interest only, or paying principle and interest. Am I correct? Was it a subprime loan (not all Option ARMs are)?

If she received a loan that was subprime when she qualified for prime, then she may have a case against GMAC - especially if they didn't notify her as required by the FCRA that she was not receiving the best interest rate. If she used a broker, she may have a case against the broker too if she was steered into a less than optimal loan. This could be considered mortgage fraud.

She should know that if a part of her mortgage payment was for mortgage insurance (PMI), GMAC would probably have been better off foreclosing on her than by working with her. The same may be true even if her loan did not have PMI but the loan was federally guaranteed.

She was also at a disadvantage if she or her husband were calling GMAC's regular customer service line. They needed to be speaking with their Loss Mitigation group. I bring this up because if she does sue them, and they never furnished her with this information, it may be something that her attorney can use in the case.

Hope this helps.

I just ran across this page because I am desperately seeking help to save my family's home. My husband and I are both disabled, and we were only 2 weeks behind when I was offered a loan modification. After a year and a half now of trial payments, my loan was transferred, and I am being told I have to make payments HIGHER than my original mortgage, just to stop foreclosure.
I realize this is not your problem! I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone, and I am finding out more and more that we are in a VERY crowded boat. Your story has touched me, and I am praying that we find a way to keep our home, so that my children have a place to live.
Thanks for sharing your story, it means a lot.

I am also a disabled adult loosing my vision in 2002. At the time we purchased our home (2005) we had sufficient income to support our mtg payment. I entered a rehabilitation training program and over the course of the next five years our mortgage company increased our payment and now we are behind.

My husband transferred out of town to earn more money and we have a second rental bill to pay. Increased utilities and lack of income from second job has added additional stressors to the equation.

We also care for my disabled mother and daughter who currently live in our house. Finally after graduating March 2010 I had my first job interview today. While there is no promise, the mail delivered a letter from our Mortgage company demanding money we cannot pay or they will foreclose.

We asked for the Mortgage company Nationwide Advantage Mortgage to rewrite our mortgage note at a decreased rate only to be denied without explanation. We began to fall behind in Nov 2009 and tried to catch up but to no avail.

My question - If the government is backing Fannie Mae mortgages then why can we not have a lower interest rate so we can pay for our home and we can care for our own disabled family members?

Is the financial world filled with so much greed that it refuses to allow home buyers to continue and try to workout their deficits?

The state of the economy is horrible, and the people have no control over job losses. Our government attempted to aid business but turned away from it principal sources the tax payers.

The Federal Government needs to step in and block all foreclosure and high interest home mortgages for two years and allow home buyers the opportunity to try and correct the deficits.

They need to also stop allowing insurance companies to charge higher premiums due to acts of nature beyond the control of humans.

If our nation is to become whole again it needs to cease taking advantage of the disadvantage and those who are disabled. We deserve the same rights to live and survive in our nation as the rich.

Vote for change in America help the consumers not the financial institutions until they learn to open the doors and help the very members who helped to build their business in the first place.

Write to your senators and congressmen it is time for change in America.

Hi I read your story and i can definately relate my mortgage is also with Gmac and i have been trying since November of 2009 when i had to leave my job due to health problems and have been trying to get a loan modification through Obama's HAMP program and have been unsuccessful. My husband and i both were working but the kind of work he does is slow in the winter time, and i had been working only part time for 2 months and then had to quit so we fell behind 1 month and tried to catch up by applying for a modification just to be denied several times even after getting help from a hud certified counseling agency so now i am applying again for the 4th time to try and save our home this is rediculous the banks dont care they just want you out on the streets i am a tax payer so i help bail them out but where is my bail out i have been givin the run around from them so much i am dizzy and just do not have anymore fight in me for this nonsense but i we have 3 children so i have to muster up strenght to fight for them atleast and hearing this story helps so thank you

Hello Tracy,

I wanted to check in with you and see if you have gotten the much needed help? If so great. If not, I am in a similar boat as you and your husband. I am disabled and my husband and I have made payments on time and per our trial modification, (on going for 13 months). We have tried every governmental office and are contacting a lawyer, because, altough we are current, the loan servicer has taken it upon themselves to foreclose and SELL our home, (illegally). If there is anything we can do to help, please don't hesitate to email me. I will do whatever I can to help...I believe the more people we get involved, and then (contiue) to bring this abomination public, the better the public outcome! I am a christy.redden@yahoo.com if I can share any of my info that's relavant to you, or if you have any insights for me, please contact me. Best regards, Christy


Your circumstances have touched my heart. I am 70 yrs old and totally handicapped and am about to lose my home. I cannot live in a cardboard box. I have no hands.

Your story is probably repeated thousands of times in this country! We handicapped are the largest minority in this country.

I have done most of the things you have done with the same result. Unfortunately, and that is not a mistake , I am not terminal and I am sad that you are.

Writing to senators, representatives, and all politically bound will bring you nothing.

There are all kinds of agencies that profess to be in the "Helping" business. I don't have to tell you, they are not. They are in the "Send them to somebody else" business. It's called the Bureaucratic Shuffle.

What we need is an uprising, a revolution! Martin Luther King did it for the blacks, but we don't have a leader like that, mostly because many of us are not ambulatory.

We need on going media exposure .... NPR and its affiliate tv stations would likely be the most receptive. The problem is we don't have an organization. The Dept. of Justice and the ADA
is a joke. If you ask 50 people, "are you familiar with the American on Disabilities Act?", I would bet you might get one yes, but probably not.

As you can see, I am very bitter and have no shame. I have 5 children, two of which I brought up alone from ages 6 sand 8. My wife left me.

When I reflect on those times, I don't know how I did it. But you know you do what you have to do.

I am sorry this note is so unhappy and angry, but I have to let my emotions out. I am reaching out to you in your frustration to let you know, you are not alone. I just have a different temperament than you after 35 years of frustration.

When the sheriff comes to my door, it will be his
last act. Hopefully that will wake some people up. I know it's dramatic but if I'm going down I'm taking someone with me and hope it gets some national coverage.

May the peace our Lord be always with you.

Calvin Balsam, Sr.


I can't believe all the heart breaking stories I have read let me tell you one more. My 33 year old disabled daughter mother of two,who is legally blind,end stage renal disease,dialysis three times a week just to stay alive,hypertensive ect., is being evicted from her home. She is crying her heartout, "Mom what am I going to do, my babies love this house",(it is a low income),if they make us leave,where will we go." Of course you know Mom is always here, but most importantly "GOD" is here. That is where our help will come, certainly not from any government person or housing authority, because they just don't care good luck to all of you and keep your faith in our "LORD JESUS CHRIST"

Well reading all these stories confirms for me even more that we are all in the same boat! I am a mom of 10 children. I have 4 still living with me 3 of which are special needs(adopted) one in a 600lb electric wheelchair. My husband a truck driver for 20 yrs. is now disabled and just recently hospitalized again. I have the same story, my bank sent back my check twice not once twice and then foreclosed. Never received our papers either!Hmmm???
Listen guys violence is NEVER the answer! Neither is getting upset!! Especially those in ill health! Deep breaths! Deep Breaths! Something is clearly going on but you know what each of us still have internet, each of us still have electricity, and a roof over our heads. Right? If we let this state of affairs make us so angry that we spit fire that will only hurt us, not the banks or mortgage companies. It will hurt us and the ones we love.
In times like these our faith is being tested lets not flunk the test because we will only have to do it over again!! None of us want that!!
God will keep us in his care as long as we don't make the choice to walk away. We all will weather this storm somehow someway and find out what exactly is on the other side of it.
May God's Peace, Strength and Wisdom guide us all through the journey we are all on.

People do not realize how traumatizing a foreclosure is, much less me till I went through it. There are options unfortuanetly for most, it takes such vast research and the time usually expires just as the right information seeps through. Hang in there and our prayers are with you.

I find myself unable to sleep...again. I came across this forum while searching out foreclosure aid for the disabled. My lender is GMAC. We too were led to believe they were trying to help us after we became behind on payments. The next thing we know we received a foreclosure letter from an attorney? Now, after wasting time with a "counseling" program for the EHLP, a waste of time loan modification package, GMAC doesn't want to bother with us. My original lender was Homecomings then GMAC bought them out. I too became disabled 3 months after we purchased our home. Homecomings really worked with us, GMAC doesn't care, at least they don't seem too. Now, my sale date is October 4, 2 weeks away and I have no idea as what to do? I have 3 young daughters, but no other family, no friends to turn to and with the foreclosure on our credit report we can't even get an apartment? God please hear the cry of your children, even if our troubles is our own doing, please have mercy on us and help us keep our homes. Please give us another chance and start over, move on the hearts of the loan officers to do whatever it takes for ALL of us to keep our homes, and if this is not Your will for us, please give us divine intervention to know how to help ourselves, I'm diligently seeking a job please open a door to work and help myself, please bless all us who are fighting for our lives, I bless You and thank You, in Jesus' Name, amen.

i am in the same boat as other disabled people.i became disabled 3 years ago. i had no income for 13 months.while waiting for ss dis.then my wife got laid off her job.[no more health ins.]she got breast cancer shortly thereafter,and had a breast removed.she went on dis.but unfortunately,she got so depressed that she shot herself in the head,on CHRISTMAS DAY.now i have half the income the now and haven't been able to make the mort.payments. i am dealing with wells fargo. What a joke. every time i call them i get a different person with different circumstances. i have sent them the same documents at least 8 times.these big banks don't give a rats ass this burden has cost me.my house is being auctioned off on oct. 18. i have no where to go.i have lived here for 20 years.it doesnt matter that i made the payment on time for 18 years.what a country.

my heart goes out to everyone struggling. as of 7/2012 anyone find programs for the disabled who needs a minor loan mod ($200/mo) save your home long-term? I can't believe I too have my loan with gmac (i thought gmac was known
to have great customer service)...dam!

I am 43 years old. I had applied for disability got denied, appealed got denied again. I only owe 30k on my home. if I would have gotten my disability I could have refinanced and saved my home. I am recently divorced. my ex wont give me his financial information to try and get a govt modification. my deceased patents had left 120k for us to get a home. I have about 200k equity in my home. I am I. foreclosure, the market is slow and my home could go up for auction anytime. I'm looking for help, ideas anything.g to hold off losing my home. any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I am seeking information at all levels local, state, federal and otherwise regarding any and all "Relief"
programs for the disabled and terminally ill.

I recently received a notice of termination of tenancy regarding my Life Estate. The "Trustee" is quickly pursuing a unlawful detainer and filed a petition with the courts to sell
my home. I originally purchased my home in 2003 and have continued to live in it until present. Being disabled and terminally ill my former boss (now deceased) and dear friend had purchased the home in late 2009. His intent and purpose was that I remain in my house and that I have life tendency. In hopes to eliminate some of my stress which has a direct and major impact of the progression of my disease.

Considering the years I had worked for my former boss and having reliance of a Life Estate. At the time my friend purchased my home there was an agreement that I could repurchase the home at the price in which he paid for it in 2009 if and when possible and at anytime. Regardless that I would have a Life Estate and could remain in my home should I wish to do so.

The Trustee has no regards to my existence other then to dispose of me and has defaulted on mortgage payments with out giving anyone notification. Clearly with intent of forcing the foreclosure process and now as filed a petition with the courts to see my home.
A letter dated January 20th 2012 from the law firm representing the trustee states "anyone of human morals would allow me to remain housed and that I should be left undisturbed - Quite the contrary to the actions taken.

A letter dated April 6th, 2012 form my M.D.
expressed extreme concerns that my progression is far advanced and that it is essential to my health that matters by resolved as quickly as possible. Unfortunately all things are getting worse. I greatly would appreciate 'ANY SUPPORT' regarding this matter.
Below is a link and a petition in efforts to salvage my home your signature is needed I sincerely thank you for your support !!

A.E. Sanchez

Please join this campaign: https://www.change.org/petitions/trustee-intentionall

Denise, what happens to all these people now it's 2013? I am in such similar circumstances as you only with six grown children now.but 7years ago my husband left us in this home that needed much repair,which I have done until a hurricane hit us on 8/28/11 at this time my mortgage company said they gave me 12 months free of mortgage payments. I thought it was from what FEMA did for me. On my application for FEMA help they marked off that my application would go for mortgage help. I had a specialist from mortgage co to check in with anytime. Six months into this I heard nothing from until February, 2012 my mortgage friend/specialist called me and said sorry I put you into foreclosure, I was so confused. Well you don't qualify for any programs plus you don't have the financial resources anymore.????
Now I am totally lost.she took all my info and she said she had a program for me. Since then any phone call I made to her was redirected to collections. I was told I would not be dealing with her anymore and asked for full payment! On top of my health issues, I had a stroke over this I was so stressed I went through rehabilitation and had family problems and still no word from my mortgage company. I did get a letter from my specialist per our phone conversation on presidents day, now I am confused cause that day I called could only speak to customer service she was not in because of presidents day. So why did she send me a fake letter? Well today I got a letter from bank giving me a new specialist, asking me if I need a mortgage to call him. Between the modifications being way to high, (they knew I couldn't make those payments) to fake letters & "not allow to speak " to my specialist I feel my bank discriminated against me. I also have a hospital setting here, my youngest son four dogs & one is dying just waiting for sheriff to come knocking. I been here 26 years. Bank has me under water. What am I going to do? I am home bound. It's a disgrace to put families on the street just to put a different family in. Denise is right, we give up because we are sick and not strong enough to fight. All I do know is I am scared to death. ~blessings to all.

Going thru exactly the same thing but w/ US Bank. My husband became disabled when he fell 30 feet from a tree & broke both legs & back. They continually tell us they don't want our home yet continue to yank us around saying we need to send the same information over & over; then claim they don't receive it or its a day late. Seems to be the same line w/ all banks- maybe they need to come up w/ a different line! constantly saying they are working w/ us when I doubt they are. I then got hurt on my job, had surgery , lost my job & now have been diagnosed disabled as well w/ no sympathy or help!!!! The government is quick to help foreigners: let's help our own first!!!!! I've tried contacting government officials but still am awaiting to hear back from them. What's wrong w/ this country?

Well here we are in 2014 and it doesn't sound like things have changed for the disabled.I also am going through the foreclosure process and have been at it for 3+ years. It seems odd that the banks cannot keep up with the paperwork but when they say they sent you something and you didn't get it well that is a horse of a different color. What is wrong with this picture? These banks should not be allowed to take peoples homes and make homeowners pay rent when they could pay the bank something instead of making the rich richer.What happened to America looking after Americans? I and my partner are disabled and it doesn't seem to matter. It is all about the almighty dollar. Keep fighting Disabled ones. I agree there needs to be some major changes to the system.

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