Texas AG Sues American Home Mortgage Servicing

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The Texas Attorney General has decided to crack down on abusive mortgage servicing practices -after a FOX news 4 investigative piece that noted homeowner complaints involving their mortgage servicing company; American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. a/k/a AHMSI.

In an earlier blog, "Never missed a mortgage payment --but facing a foreclosure" the video investigative report shed light on the types of complaints many borrowers these days have against their mortgage company.  Just two weeks after this investigation, the AG's office who originally told complaining consumers they should hire their own attorneys to fight American Home Mortgage Servicing, has changed it's mind.

Now, the Texas Attorney General is suing AHMSI accusing them of aggressive and unlawful tactics when collecting mortgage payments from Texas homeowners and using  using agressive and illegal debt collection practices -many of which resulted in jacked up mortgage payments -without cause.

Read AG press release and click here for more info on Mortgage Servicing Issues:

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What a shame that Florida and other states have not done this to the mortgage servicing companies and the foreclosure mills as well.

As you know, I have complained to nearly every local, state, and federal agency AND elected officials.

I can not remind consumers enough that these practices will continue to happen unless we tell our stories and our experiences. One voice is good, but not good enough. Multiple (hundreds - thousands, etc - are much much better!!!

Complain, complain, and complain again. When they do speak with you, complain some more!!! It IS the only way.

Wish California would have stepped up to the plate. They took my home and claimed they were not the original lender. They were. American Home Mortgage Servicing is D B A for American Brokers Conduit. Yes I filed a complaint with every agencies and I will continue to complain again and again

note i had a note signed in 2006 with american home mortgage dba as american brokers conduit, however both of these companies have filed chapter 11 bankruptcy, i do not know if they are out of bankruptcy, as i cannot get enough information, however american brokers conduit keeps coming up using the same address as ahmsi, or american home mortgage servicing inc, (a debt collecting company) they cannot loan money, and they cannot do a mortgage. somehow they can do loan mods, but it will cost you dearly. I would love to be part of the texas law suit but i live in missouri if any one out there is reading this and knows if american home mortgage dba as american brokers conduit is still in business and out of chapter 11 please email me at lwalker1230@peoplepc.com thanks, larry

I have had my share of problems with AHMSI the past two years. Harrassment if my mortgage was not paid BY the first of the month. Forget about the grace period. Constant harrassing phone calls that each time I'd have to explain the situation (rental property so have to wait for the checks, get them deposited, and then wait for them to clear) And the calls could happen half a dozen times a day. Even after talking to one person and them "noting" the account. Aggressivness and downright rudeness about my needing to be more responsible. I had to finally resort to simply answering the phone and saying "Stop this *&$%^() harrassment!!" and being nasty before it stopped.

This company is still doing the same things. I hired an attorney and he has been getting the run around as well. They jacked up my house payment forcing an escrow account on me saying my property taxes had not been paid. Tarrant County Appraisal assured me and even sent me a copy of my taxes being up to date but when I faxed to AHMS, they said they were not and flat out told me if I did not pay the new amount the house would be in foreclosure. This is a nightmare and hopefully will be corrected and the 4000.00 Ive paid extra will be credited for the next 4 months of house payments.

I am also having problems with AHMSI. They wont tell me whom the Lender is on my home no matter how many certified/Noterized letters I send. I am not even sure I should be sending them my money. I do in the fear of loosing my home. If there is anyone out there whom can help please call me at 702-224-4607 or reuse444@gmail.com. They have also reported me as being late to the credit beural as late when they lost a payment back in 2009 and steeling money from my escrow account. I have all docs showing other wise. I really dont know what to do from here.

Brandy Willingham

I have to agree with everyone who has posted comments about this company. I've had nothing but problems with this company and if you miss a day and try to speak to someone, you get India and all they want is for you to make a credit card payment over the phone.

I have hired a lawyer to represent me at this point. They've misplaced one of my payments and they want me to find out what happened and they want me to pay the "fees" associated with the payment being late. They're also stating that I have to pay the missing funds and they are going to "try" and find out what happened. I've given them copies of my bank statement showing the payment with their routing number, but still no luck.

They still continue to stand their ground and say that even though I made the payment on their website and they took the money from my checking account, that I am responsible for making an extra payment. It's gotten to the point that they are now saying that I'm 5 months behind, when I'm not!!!! The final straw for me is coming home one day and an envelope with big red letters reading CONFIDENTIAL across the front. Inside the envelope, there's a letter that is typed in English & Spanish that says that they need me to call them today to discuss a personal matter with my mortgage!!! I feel I have no choice but to file a law suit against this company and have them stop bothering me and get my account straightened out.

MY home was also foreclosed on they cashed our checks we have all copies,and then two days before my 49th birthday we were homeless,THEY HAVE ALSO DONE MANY OTHER THINS THAT I WOULD RATHER WAIT AND SHARE WITH WHO EVER HAS THE MEANS TO SUE THESE CROOKS PLEASE EMAIL ME IF ANY ONE CAN GUIDE ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION
SINCERELY PISSED, Kimberly Bradford


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