Live stream: Keith Sadler protesting foreclosure and eviction

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UPDATED: Sheriff's office storms Sadler home
Live CHAT below: Homeowner near Toledo, Ohio stages a lock-in to protest his foreclosure and attempted eviction. Though I don't know all the particulars on Keith's case -his efforts clearly humanize the desperation many homeowners face while fighting to save their homes, and raise awareness to the ongoing foreclosure crises.

NEW Video 3:28 a.m. May 7th:  7 arrested in early morning raid of home:

Many of those arrested are volunteers with the Toledo Foreclosure Defense League and had bound themselves to the homeowner, Keith Sadler, with locked chains, group spokesman Lance Crandall said.

He identified those arrested as: Mr. Sadler, 53; Connie Smithengale, 20; Bryer Baumgartner, 19; Nicholas Botek, 23; Jessica Angelov, 20; Daniel Orange, 25; and Johnathan Kutsch, 22.

Authorities broke down the front door of the home about 6:30 a.m. Friday, Mr. Crandall said.

About 30 protesters stood in the pouring rain and chanted "Keith's house" as Mr. Sadler was carried out by his hands and feet and placed into a Wood County sheriff's vehicle just before 8 a.m.

See below video:

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Live video by Ustream
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glad that someone is standing up for himself and his family

Thank you so much for putting this link on your website Denise.

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