Spot the Fake Bank Facts: What the B@nk?! Trivia Contest

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Think you know just how ridiculous the big banks are?  Test your bank knowledge by taking part in this latest project from Americans for Fairness in Lending and Americans for Financial Reform.  "What the B@nk?!" is their new weekly trivia contest where they challenge you to spot the fake bank fact among the other outrageous things that the banks are doing. 

They'll announce the final answer on Fridays and start a new challenge on Monday. 

See below for the first round of questions.

The Big Banks and Wall Street drove our economy off a cliff and are notorious for abusing consumers.

The question is, which of these outrages is NOT true?

   1. Some credit cards charge 79.9% interest
   2. There is a new foreclosure every 13 seconds
   3. Bankers remove $7 from the economy for every $1 they create
   4. Only oil companies give more money to Congress than banks
   5. You can't sue your credit card company in court

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Or click here to go to Americans for Financial Reform. 

You can also submit your own Outrage! 

They will post a new trivia question next week, and if they use your Outrage, you could win a prize!

Take Action!

Prevent another bailout, protect consumers, and end the "too big to fail" era.  Click here to tell Congress to enact real financial reform. 

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