Anonymous Big Bank Exec Confirms: Homeowners are Getting the Runaround

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A whistle-blowing Vice President at one our nation's biggest banks spoke to ABC News on the condition that ABC News not show his face or name him, because he feared stepping up to say the right thing would cost him his job. In the interview however, he validated what many homeowners have been saying right along: Homeowners are NOT getting help -they are getting the run-around!

Watch this video and click here to read more over at ABC News.

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These days the phrase "home robbery" is synonymous with stolen homes and mortgage nightmares.  It used to mean that belongings had been stolen out of your home, but nowadays when we hear "home robbery," more and more homeowners say it paints a much more sinister picture, one they say you need to know about. Crooks are not only laughing all the way to the bank, they are the bank. more

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