SNL "Presidents" use Comedy to Push for Consumer Financial Protection Agency

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To help Americans for Financial Reform kick off of the National Senate Call-In Week that ends tomorrow, March 4th, Ron Howard created the below skit that reunites all the actors who portrayed "Presidents" on "Saturday Night Live" including Will Ferrell (George W. Bush), Fred Armisen (Barack Obama), Darrell Hammond (Bill Clinton), Chevy Chase (Gerald Ford), Dan Aykroyd (Jimmy Carter), Dana Carvey (George H. W. Bush) and Jim Carrey (Ronald Regan).  

In the video, President Obama gets a surprise visit in the night from the ex-Presidents who offer pointers about the Consumer Financial Protection Agency and why it's so important.
To take part in the National Senate Call-in Week, Call 866-544-7573.

Tell your Senators: Work for us, not the big banks.

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Regardless of your political stance you should always try to appreciate the humor and message of political cartoons

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