Do Not Fall for Mortgage Foreclosure Rescue Scams

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Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum launched a Mortgage Fraud Task Force back in 2007 after being inundated with complaints about mortgage and foreclosure rescue fraud scams. Since then, the Task Force has reviewed information pertaining to the business practices of more than 200 foreclosure rescue businesses.

The Task force currently has over 50 active investigations, including at least a dozen cases in which lawsuits have been filed, six of which were filed under the Foreclosure Rescue Fraud Prevention Act.

One of those companies involved in currently litigation for allegedly engaging in a deceptive foreclosure rescue and mortgage default mitigation scheme is Outreach Housing and its owners Blair Wright and Bryan Berry.

The company allegedly victimized hundreds of innocent homeowners by charging them hefty upfront fees with promises to work out payment plans with their mortgage servicer. The investigation revealed the company informed homeowners they should not make payments to their mortgage servicers, but rather, they should pay Outreach Housing 60%  of their monthly payment -and Outreach would then then forward payments to the lender. The AG claims, that never happened. Homeowners were ripped off and left with destroyed credit, facing foreclosures. The investigation revealed more than 600 homeowners had signed up for the company's services.

The following is a CBS News video about this particular foreclosure rescue company in Florida, but homeowners should be aware, no state is immune to these mortgage rescue scams. Companies like this are operating in states all across this country...

Watch CBS Videos Online

Find a list of companies currently under investigation here.

The below companies are currently involved in litigation. You can find a brief description of their questionable business practices with links to an affidavit and instructions for consumers to fill-out if you believe you have been a victim of any of these companies;

    *American Heritage Mortgage Group, Inc
    * Florida Housing Council, LLP
    * Richard Lawson, Navin Subramaniam
    * National Foreclosure Management, Inc.
    * Outreach Housing, LLC
    * Law & Associates, LLC
    * JPB Consulting, Inc
    * FHA All Day.Com, etc.
    * Victor Lopez & Associates
    * Three Angels Community Action Network
    * FMA Servicing, Inc.
    * Lincoln Lending, LLC
    * Wineberg, Lopez & Rodriguez
    * Mortgage Crisis Solutions Association, LLC
    * National Foreclosure Counseling Services Corp.
    * Keep Your Property, Inc.

Visit a few earlier blogs for additional information on protecting yourself from mortgage servicing fraud, and remember... Don't Skip Mortgage Payments!


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My husband and i think that we might be a victim of a scam the attorneys are chastain and etchesonpllc attorneys at law but no one will let us know. Who do we contact.

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