Advocates to Meet with Consumers and Share Resources, Knowledge and Voices!

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As homeowners fight to save their homes from foreclosures, and consumers continue to combat fraud, predatory lending and abusive financial practices, they're asking -"Why doesn't anyone help? Why doesn't anyone hear me? Isn't there anyone who cares?"

Well, we have good news! 

National consumer advocates are responding! And they're coming to South Florida, November 21st to meet with consumers from across the country. They are saying, "We want to helpWe hear you. Yes, we care!"

Consumer Empowerment Conference & Expo

Money Talks

We're all so used to the idea that lobbyists and corporate interests get their way and that we as consumers are powerless.   You may have asked, "Why can't the consumer have a voice as loud as the big corporations?"  Or, "How can my voice be heard in Washington?"

Consumers rarely get a chance to meet with and speak directly to their national advocates, those on the front lines testifying before Congress and fighting for consumer fairness and protection...until now. 

You and Your Money

Have you been struggling with a mountain of debt?  Feeling attacked by bank fees and ridiculous interest rates?  Are debt collectors harassing you?  Feel alone as you fight to save your home from foreclosure? Have lenders, mortgage servicing companies or the credit bureaus been ignoring your pleas for help?  You're not alone.  

There is an array of consumer-turned-advocate websites, blogs and online forums that demonstrate you are far from being alone!   Online consumer communities and forums, such as the popular and  offer much needed support for consumers who - like I did so many years ago - stumbled upon them while seeking answers and resources. These sites provide an important sense of solidarity and validation.

It occurred to us, what if we could gather together consumers, their online community forum founders and nationally recognized advocates all in one place to share resources, knowledge and voices?  Well, we're doing just that!

Making Change

This November 21st you'll have the unique opportunity to gather with national consumer advocacy experts, consumer attorneys and victims' rights advocates from around the country.  You will have the unprecedented ability to meet with them in person, ask your questions, share your stories and work together in the fight for real solutions and stronger consumer protection measures.

If you thought that finding people online was inspiring, wait until you meet those peers and speak to the advocates at the Consumer Empowerment Conference & Expo!

Co-hosted by Americans for Fairness in Lending, ( a national coalition of non-profit organizations working to fight predatory lending and consumer advocate and author Denise Richardson, (, this first of its kind Expo will connect you with advocates who want to help consumers find solutions to their individual financial dilemmas.  The Expo gives us an opportunity to join forces in an effort to counteract the special interest groups in Washington whose money speaks louder than an individual voice.

Save the Date!

Stop being a victim and start being an activist.  Your story and your voice can make a difference, but first you have to get connected.  Start that new beginning today by planning to attend the Consumer Expo being held at the Crowne Plaza in Hollywood, Florida on November 21st. 

Register Now!   


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1 Comment

What about for the people that this is too late for?

We lost a house to foreclosure and I know how these people feel, WHERE is the help? Where was our help? Loan Mods where their answer, the Mods put is furhter and further into repayment plans we couldn't afford. We went from a 740.00 house note to 1735.00 note PLUS about 7-9000.00 in legal fees for those mods which were added INTO the replayment plan.

What little equity we did have went to waste on legal fees, by the time the mods were done and fees added in the loan had a balance of MORE then the house could possibly appraise for, not to mention we owed MORE on the house then we we originally singed the closing papers for.
We signed papers for 88500.00, 4 years later and 2 mods later we owed 97325.00.

4-6 months AFTER we lost our house and it was auctioned off the help started to arrive, for us it was too little too late.

I worked my tail off to get that house, it took us almost a year to close on that house, many many days the lender had me in tears looking for documents that really weren't needed, I bascially took off almost a whole year of working JUST to buy this house.
I don't think anyone knows how it feels to work so hard to get something only to have it yanked out from under you and be told we did everything we can do you are out of luck and out of time now MOVE OUT!

What happenes to US, the ones that this help is too late for?

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