The Loan Modification Run-around; Wrecked Credit and Foreclosures

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Michelle McCloskey and Michele Cheverez both tried to get loan modifications with Litton Loan. And both were ignored or stalled until it was too late. Foreclosure proceedings began, leaving them with wrecked credit and the loss of homes they'd lived in for years. 

Mc Nelly Torres, a former investigative reporter for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and  a member of the board of directors of the Investigative Reporters & Editors organization documents their stories in Foreclosure; Losing the American Dream.


McCloskey, 47, stopped paying her mortgage in February in the hopes that Litton would modify her loan to a payment she could afford.She tried to modify her $411,000 mortgage to lower the monthly payment after she lost income. But Litton Loan Servicing denied the application because she was not delinquent on her payments.

"They kept denying the application and didn't say why," McCloskey said, adding the value of the property is now about $150,000 lower than when she bought it. "I could never get anybody on the phone to answer my questions."  Read more:


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Update February, 2010  Watch Video here: Homeowners not getting loan modifications. What lies between the excuses? 


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