Widow Claims Abusive Debt Collection Practices Contributed to Husband's Death

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It isn't just the economy that's sinking to new lows, many debt collectors are too! Listen to abusive, threatening and harassing phone calls from debt collectors who continue to violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Dianne  McLeod, is suing the company she believes contributed to the death of her husband, Stanley Mcleod. The McLeod's saved tapes that contain a variety of disgusting messages left on their home answering machine. And now, Mrs. McLeod is now fighting for justice and accountability for her loss. She has turned the tapes over to Tampa attorney Billy Howard, who heads the consumer protection unit of Florida mega firm Morgan and Morgan.

Take a few minutes and listen to some of these egregious voice mails left behind by debt collectors! These audio tapes demonstrate just what depth many debt collectors are willing to sink to while doing their "job"!

Can voice mails left by debt collectors be illegal?

National Association of Consumer Advocates Attorney, John Watts says, "YES! 

Voice mails are communications from debt collectors. Debt collectors are regulated by both State and Federal law. The reason Congress passed the FDCPA is because debt collectors were so out of control that the Federal government felt compelled to step in.

The reason the government stepped in is that abusive collectors were harassing, threatening, intimidating, lying, and otherwise treating consumers with a complete lack of respect and dignity. This resulted in breakup of marriages, loss of homes, and invasions of privacy.

Voice mails fit into this because an abusive debt collector that carefully chooses his words when leaving a voice mail can bring absolute havoc into a family's life."

Attorney Watts and his partner Attorney Stan Herring from Alabama Consumer Law have set up a special website to deal with the issue surrounding illegal voice mails.
Visit illegalvoicemails.com

Remember, Debt collectors are bound by Federal and State laws that give you rights. And those rights include the right NOT to be abused, harassed, threatened or intimidated. In order to stop debt collectors from abusing you, it's important that you learn what your rights are -and then assert them.

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I had NCO on my case like this. They called and left messages on my machine all night and day 2. I didn't owe the debt but they didn't care about that. Finally I paid them just to stop the calls. I realized that was a stupid move when I found out they were then allowed them to zap my credit for 7 years. Let's all hope she knocks it out of the ball park. Great blog btw

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