Florida Insurance Industry seeks to Scam Floridians...

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Ed Mierzwinski's great blog over at uspirg.org on the Florida Insurance industry points to anti-consumer insurance industry practices. (Also below see; "Connecting the Dots" another bout with computer hackers)

Insurance industry seeks to scam Floridians;

The Florida legislature has bent over backwards to pass legislation that would place its already-beleaguered citizens even more into the clutches of the property insurance industry than they already are. This industry already whines every time the wind blows, rain falls, water rises or a consumer files a legitimate claim.

Now, according to Florida PIRG's Brad Ashwell, in an oped running in the Gainesville Sun, Governor Charlie Crist should Veto Anti-Consumer Property Insurance Rates Bill because it would allow big insurers (but not little guys) to "charge whatever they like, they would also be able to game the system by manipulating rates, quoting excessive premiums to coastal homeowners, then dropping those policies if they choose to so they can maintain and grow inland policies where there is less exposure."

The proposal is the Residential Property Insurance Bill, HB 1171, according to Ashwell, "one of the most egregious examples of anti-consumer legislation to come out of the 2009 legislative session." See:Veto Anti-Consumer Property Insurance Rates Bill

More of Ed's informative blog at US PIRG.


Connecting Dots...

Once again, after writing what some would call a scathing article about abusive credit reporting practices, fake credit reports, etc. it appears I may have ticked-off someone. I spent most of Sunday and yesterday cleaning up from a mess left behind by yet another hacker. Saturday night I was rudely alerted by pop-ups on my screen that "someone" deleted some Windows program files and replaced them with non-recognizable files. I also discovered a trail of nasty messages -and ominous warnings such as "Listener to be notified when logging on" and my virus updates would no longer work. This time, unlike in December, many attempts to gain access to my site were successfully blocked -so "they" set their sites on my computer. As I started looking back at various attacks and assaults directed at me, my site or computer, an interesting chain of events started to emerge as I started connecting the dots. UPDATE: 6.5.09
For more See SunSentinel: Cyber Attacks Come with the Territory...

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