Former NY Tax Dept. Worker Steals Social Security Numbers -and Identities of Thousands of New Yorkers

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ALBANY - A former state Tax Department worker stole the identities of thousands of New Yorkers and racked up more than $200,000 in bogus credit card charges.

Walter Healey, tapped the personal info of more than 2,000 victims and set up some 90 credit cards since early 2006, state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo charged.

A search of Healey's home in October found copies of more than 700 tax forms, more than 1,000 Social Security cards and 2,000 Post-it notes with Social Security numbers on them.

Some of the notes had comments such as "good prospect" or "had money" written on them.

If you think you may have been placed at risk by this data theft or any one of the many recently reported data breaches, take steps now before learning of an identity theft!

Take control of your identity -before someone else does!

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