Fair Arbitration Now Coalition Launches New Website, Campaign and Petition for Arbitration Fairness

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Arbitration Fairness Day takes place on April 29th. Just a few days ago, Fair Arbitration Now.org launched a new Coalition, Campaign and Petition to stop unfair forced arbitration practices that currently run rampant in consumer contracts.

The petition already has collected nearly 5,000 signatures and their goal is to gather 25,000 signatures by April 29th when consumers and their advocates meet in D.C. to share stories and testimony with our Congressional leaders on National Arbitration Fairness Day.

The Fair Arbitration Now Coalition's goal is to pass the Arbitration Fairness Act (H.R. 1020). The Act does not eliminate arbitration, it just makes it voluntary. In other words, big business can't force you to sign away your right to hold them accountable for their wrongdoings, but a consumer can still choose arbitration.

The Arbitration Fairness Act would only restore the Federal Arbitration Act to what it was originally intended to do.   Contrary to what the Chamber claims, forced arbitration has not been used for 80 years in consumer and employment contracts; it is business to business arbitration that has been used for 80 years.  Corporations started using forced arbitration in consumer contracts beginning in the mid  to late 1990's, after court cases held that there was nothing in the Federal Arbitration Act that limited the use of forced arbitration to only business-to-business disputes.  .

The Fair Arbitration Now coalition represents consumers, employees, homeowners, franchise holders and more. They range from Public Citizen, the National Association of Consumer Advocates, the National Employment Lawyers Association and the American Association of Justice to the National Consumer Voice for Long-Term Care, Home Owners for Better Building and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights.

Forced arbitration, put simply, is a practice whereby businesses require their customers and employees to "agree" to give up their right to go to court if a dispute arises. Ultimately, it's a you can't sue me but I can sue you clause. See my Sun-Sentinel News Online Blog; Binding arbitration is no substitute for consumer accountability

Please visit the Fair Arbitration Now website -help them, help you. Sign the Petition for arbitration fairness -then pass on this info to others asking for their support!

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