Not even the Dead are Immune to Identity Theft

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These days it seems that no one, not even the dead, can escape falling victim to identity theft! The identities of the dead have become an easy and appealing target of thieves because family members often don't learn of the crime until problems arise.

Would you feel violated if the identity of a deceased relative or loved one was used buy a car, open a cell phone account, commit a crime, find employment, insurance, housing and credit?

Identity theft crimes involving the deceased are not new, but are definitely a growing concern.  Although the deceased don't have to worry about having their credit ruined, using a deceased spouse's SSN can turn costly if joint accounts are involved. The deceased are easy and desirable targets of thieves because they can use these identities for quite sometime without being detected. 

I recently discovered the identities of deceased members of my family have been needlessly  placed at risk of identity theft. I am researching the ease in which this crime is allowed to be perpetuated.  Should there be stronger laws in place to protect the dignity and identities of our deceased loved ones?

If the identities of your family members or loved ones have been stolen, please get in touch with me or leave comments. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is emotional and painful enough without having a criminal get away with digging up their identity, dignity -and memory.

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