File Sharing Programs Lead to Identity Theft

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There are some 200+ popular file sharing programs on the internet that may be providing access to your computer, and your personal information, to thieves across the world -without your knowledge.  ID thieves love to use file sharing programs, such as the ones many, including kids, use to download music. Many of these file sharing programs have little to no security to keep criminals away from personal files stored on your computer. Thieves have figured out that finding access to your life, including, tax returns, resumes, and bank account information is as simple as doing a Google search.

Watch the below NBC news video for more info on the dangers of using certain file sharing programs. When NBC did their own search, they easily found access to over 150,000 tax returns, nearly 26,000 student loan applications and more than 600,000 credit reports stored on unsuspecting consumer computers. NBC also noted that sites such as YouTube, iTunes and personal photo sharing websites are not file sharing programs. But, the most popular file sharing program, Lime Wire is and now urges consumers to download their latest 5.0 program, that now restricts access to personal files. Identity theft protection experts liken having those file sharing software programs on your computer to leaving the keys in an unlocked car ... with the windows down. 

As for the programs kids use to download and share music, you might want to consider disabling or deleting them --or at the least, make sure they are not using file sharing programs on a computer that contains your family's personal identifying information.

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If the app is set for download only, are you still vulnerable?

Yes, because of other potential holes within the application, your firewall and the software on your PC.

File Sharing applications are inherently insecure. This is why Obama's Marine One Helicopter Plans were found in Tehran, Iran on Sunday. You can read about it here.

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