Best Buy Cashier Uses "Skimming" Device to Steal 4,000 Credit Card Numbers in FL

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"Skimming" is one of the newest ways thieves have found to steal your information from credit and debit cards. For as little as a hundred bucks, criminals can purchase card readers to use as a handheld device or installed into ATM machines to swipe your card -and information, without your knowledge.

Rogue employees in restaurants, stores and gas stations, can simply slide your card through the device and information on your card is easily copied. The card is then returned to you, and the stolen information is then often sold to identity theft rings who sell the information to various thieves seeking bits of information while visiting underground chat rooms on the web.

Best Buy says customer credit card numbers stolen
Ex-employee at West Palm Beach store arrested

By Mc Nelly Torres | South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Best Buy officials said Friday a former employee stole credit card numbers of 4,000 customers who shopped at the West Palm Beach consumer electronics store in November and December, during the busy holiday shopping season.

Federal authorities arrested Brittany Johnson, 22, of West Palm Beach, formerly a cashier at the Best Buy store at 1880 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. in West Palm Beach. They charged her for allegedly stealing thousands of credit cards numbers from customers, according to a criminal complaint by the U.S. attorney's office in Miami.

She sold the credit card numbers to Marius Tyree Ö Harden, 28, of Tamarac, authorities said. Johnson and Harden were arrested on Jan. 15 and Jan. 30, respectively. Both were charged with possession of a skimming device with the intent to defraud.

Johnson told U.S. Secret Service agents that Harden approached her in November and gave her the skimming device, or card reader, to copy credit cards from customers as they make purchases. Johnson copied credit cards from customers and met with Harden weekly in November and December and sold him the card numbers for $17 per number. She made about $1,000. Harden resold them to third parties for hundreds of dollars, authorities said MORE.

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tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!

I believe my daughter who is attending college was the victim of skimming. What actions can be taken? We contacted the bank (Bank of America) to question charges on her account. They originally reimbursed her for a portion of the funds. Later, they took the funds back stating that the purchases were made from her card using her pin number. We closed that account. Is there anything we can do to try to recover any of the money lost on that account?

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