Don't fall for phishing scam; e-mail claiming to be from your credit union is bogus!

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Not too long ago I blogged about a particular phishing scam floating around that is using the names of various credit unions. The fake email either warns recipients that their bank account was compromised or their debit card account has had suspicious activity.

Since many consumers have been reporting receiving these types of phishing emails, it bears noting again. These types of email scams often use actual financial institution logos and bogus letterhead specifically to make them appear to be from official entities. The emails instruct you to click on a link, dial a provided phone number or ask you to reply to a particular email address.  

It's important to note that though this particular email below claims to be from Sun East Federal Credit Union -the names of several legitimate credit unions have been being used in this scam. The crooks hope that the odds are in their favor, the scam letter will land in an email box of someone who actually has an account with the named institution -and they will fall into their set trap.

Here's the latest email; 

Subject: This is not a promotional e-mail

This is not a promotional e-mail. Please call us immediately at 1-877-214-xxxx regarding recent activity on your SunEast Debit Card.

We're available 24/7 to take your call.

Please disregard this e-mail if you've already called us since the date this e-mail was sent.

We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.

Thank you
Sun East Federal Credit Union

Never trust or dial a phone number provided in an unsolicited email, text or voice mail. Take the time to look up the legitimate phone number of any company you do business with.

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