Rebuilding Credit: Many seeking credit counseling services for debt relief

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It is always advisable to go for credit counseling agencies approved by National Foundation of Credit Counseling whose members are accredited by the "Council on Accreditation". NFCC accredited members provide quality counseling services to the clients and its services.

Building up a good credit score takes time and so you should always try to maintain the score once it is build. A good consumer credit counseling agency works not only to help you repair your credit but also to help you maintain the credit score once it is achieved. These counseling agencies (also known as debt counseling) additionally work with the individuals to help them find ways to repay their existing delinquent accounts and to improve their creditworthiness over time.

Credit counseling, is a system which helps you not only to repay your bad debt but also help you learn the importance of maintaining a good credit score. Legitimate credit counseling services also help you to plan your monthly expenses efficiently and allocate your finance in such a way so as to gain maximum benefit from your investment in future. Credit counseling services offered by legitimate counseling agencies help consumers on the path to get rid of the rid of their burdensome debt. The work to help consolidate your loans into a single account to lessen the payments and work with creditors to lower your interest rates on your past debt, making it easier for you to  repay the debt sooner.

Rebecca Lewis, Guest Blogger


Consumers are often confused, and rightfully so, on just what agency to trust. As Rebecca mentions, do your homework and find the proper agency. There have been a lot of problems with credit counseling agencies in recent years. For instance, many credit counseling agencies are set up as non-profit organizations, yet they behave like for-profit businesses. These non-profits spend huge amounts of money on advertising and aggressively try to sell "debt relief" products to consumers.

Credit counseling can be very useful in some cases. Unfortunately, not all credit counseling agencies are acting in your best interests. For tips and warnings on choosing a reputable credit counseling agency, see: Consumer Facts, by the National Consumer Law Center (

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