Complaints about credit bureau errors; costly, frustrating and endless!

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Below is a typical email I receive from frustrated consumers forced to deal with credit bureau errors. Margaret is aggravated -and rightfully so! Her checking account continues to be accessed by Experian and she has been unsuccessful in getting them to stop charging her account!

Whenever disputing credit report errors, trying to cancel credit monitoring services, or fix any problems that affect your credit reports, always submit your complaints in writing, send via certified mail and document, document, document!

Here's just one reason why...

Denise: I am having a problem with Experian...Here's a copy of a letter that will explain my situation;

To Experian:

I called a couple of weeks ago to get my yearly FREE credit report and also asked for my score. I was told that would be only $6.00 for my score.

I paid using my debit card which is connected to my checking account.

I also called Equifax and Trans Union. I received both of their credit reports right away.

The only thing I received from Experian was my credit score. I called back Experian to see what had happened to my FREE report and was told that the request was never put in for the report only for my credit score.

The second time I called you, a representative told me "No problem, I will get that right out to you".

I finally received my credit report but when I looked at my bank account I saw that I was charged twice!

So, I called Experian once again and was told by a representative that I would have to write a formal letter requesting a refund.

I was pretty upset at this as this because there was no error on my part.

I asked "Why should I have to take the time out of my busy work day AND pay the postage to write a letter when it is not even my fault"? And then asked for a supervisor and was sent to VOICE MAIL!

I left a message and finally received a call back a day or so later. I was then again told they couldn't detect their errors and I needed to write a letter. Experian should be doing the investigation, not me!

Now to top it off, today I just received yet ANOTHER $6.00 charge on my checking account made by Experian. The grand total now for one credit that was supposed to be $6.00 is now $18.00 and it appears you are continuing to access my account and take more money!

What scares me is you are a credit reporting agency and can't even keep your own records straight. How are you supposed to keep mine straight?

I was told I needed to send in a copy of my checking account statement to prove they made errors! That's insane! What makes you think that I want your representatives, or anyone for that matter to see my personal business?

You certainly wouldn't give me a copy or your checking account statement if I asked for it!! It seems that Experian being such a big company should be able to go back in their own system be able to retrieve records of what they are charging THEIR customers.

All businesses can do that! That's how refunds are given!! At this point I think I should be refunded the entire $18.00 for the enormous frustrations, time spent and horrible way I've been treated. Shame on Experian!! And your zero customer service!

I refuse to send you a copy of my checking account statement. It's personal. I did not make these mistakes. If this is not resolved in a timely fashion I am going straight to my consumer advocate from my local news station, my local newspaper and an attorney!

A Frustrated Consumer,

Margaret ******


Margaret will keep us posted!

Her story paints a picture of the enormous frustrations we are forced to deal with when working to clean up someone else's costly mistakes!

It's bad enough that we carry the burden to prove ourselves innocent when dealing with removing fraudulent or inaccurate credit data, but we must constantly work to prove that credit bureaus (and creditors) makes errors!

In order to do so, we often feel like unpaid quality control employees who work for the credit bureaus!

It's remarkable! First we must purchase their (for-profit) product (our information), then monitor it, and fix any found defects that could possibly harm us! 

What other company can get away with selling a defective and harmful product, and then force consumers to repair it?

Just maybe...this will explain it!

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I don't understand why people believe that CALLING an entity like the credit bureaus or a bank, or any company for that matter, is EVER going to work correctly for something like this. They do NOT keep adequate records, you're on the phone with a phone-drone rep who may not even be in the US.

In the legal world, if it's not in writing - it never happened. If you want to have a leg to stand on, then you MUST put it in writing - even if you think it's inconvenient, that hard copy piece of paper is your only backup! Email and phones are convenient, but totally useless for something really important. A stamp is not THAT expensive, and certified mail is only $4. What's more important - the $4.50 for the mailing or your credit reports and bank account ??

It's so true that we should never dispute or try to right any wrongs, by using a phone! But, unfortunately, unless people read a story or go through it themselves, they don't know or understand how ineffective it is to call them. People believe that when they can prove something is wrong, they s make a phone call to have a responsible company correct it. Then they learn how wrong that concept is!

That's why it's helpful when people like Margaret step up and share their stories.

By sharing her story -she's showing others the frustrations, time and energy wasted by trying to talk to the cra's in anyway other than certified mail! :)

remember this also when dealing with these credit monitoring places that are on internet,well,guess who owns these companies ''the big 3'',yep, the credit bureaus,and don't think that they are unable to get into your checking account,just because,you decide at the last moment to back out. Well they can and do,my own personal experience,you should see my checking account,and then to add even more frustration to this mess,you can't even get a real human voice on the phone.I have contacted the FTC,and the attorney gen of my state,I am not going to take this laying down,these companies have run our lives to much it's time to get some justice.I don't profess to be a knowledgeable computer person,but I do know when some one has cheated me .

Can you tell me why the 3 credit bureaus have
different information concerning my creditors?

They are three very different and individual companies. And not every creditor reports to all three credit bureaus. In fact, they may only have a contracted rate to report to one bureau -and not all three. So for example, if you open an account with a credit that reports only to Equifax -you wouldn't find that account on an Experian credit report. This is why it's important to review all three credit bureau reports for inaccuracies or fraud.

Are these 3 credit report agencies selling our SSN numbers, names and addresses...I have seen my name 6 different ways and none of them are on my social security can you protect yourself with the public court records, hospital records and lawyers who put your SSN numbers in depositions for filing in the general record courthouse files for public use.

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