Elizabeth Warren on NPR's "Fresh Air" Discussing the Credit Reporting Industry

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Harvard's Elizabeth Warren is an outspoken critic of consumer lenders. Listen to her interview on Fresh Air from WHYY. Hear why it is so important to review your credit reports and make sure they are error free...good luck with that one!


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Imagine Terry Gross's surprise when she saw a document that seemed to show that her husband lived at several different addresses -- under different names -- and was deep in debt. Child-support payments to another woman?


Back payments on an auto loan -- when all these years he'd claimed he didn't even know how to drive?


As you may have guessed, the document was a report from a credit-rating agency -- and it was riddled with errors. Not identity-theft errors -- simple clerical mistakes that could have had serious consequences.


It was easy for Terry Gross's husband to convince her of that. It was less easy for them to convince the credit-rating agency; that required help from a lawyer.


It's just one more example of why it's important for everyone to keep an eye on their credit report, to know what their credit rating is, to understand how they're compiled and who does it.




THEN listen to FCRA expert attorney Robert Sola, from the National Association of Consumer Advocates, earlier show...



Consumer Attorney Offers A Revealing Look at Why Consumers Sue the Credit Bureaus!




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