Caught Speeding in Maryland? Your Personal Information Could Be Published Online

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Speeding In Maryland Could Be Hazardous to Your Identity

If you've ever received a traffic ticket in Maryland, your name, birthday, Social Security number and address may be posted on the Maryland state Web site for anyone to find.

It appears as the the Maryland Court Records website lists the personal data of countless citizens who received traffic tickets while speeding in Maryland. The citations listed go back more than 30 years, and include records even for routine traffic stops that were ultimately dismissed.

The records with sensitive data in them appear to be limited to tickets issued to people who currently or at one time lived in a state that previously used the Social Security number as the default driver's license or customer number.

Searching through records in the database for tickets issued to surnames "Johnson" and "Smith" confirmed that those states include Delaware, Connecticut, Iowa, Missouri and Virginia. Probably close to half of the records that contained SSNs belonged to current and former District of Columbia residents.

People whose information is listed on the site shouldn't expect a data breach notice from the Maryland government. If a Maryland business had published these records online, they'd be required by state law to notify affected citizens, however, the state's data breach notification law exempts government entities from that requirement. MORE

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