72 Year Old Man has Identity Stolen; Jailed for Crime He didn't Commit

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Elderly man says he's an ID theft victim: A 72-year-old man was arrested on a 12-year-old warrant out of Miami-Dade County Florida. Only the lawyer for Cosmo Ricci Jr. said he wasn't in any where near Florida in 1996, when he is accused of committing DUI manslaughter. Ricci, ill, elderly and suffering from Congestive Heart Failure Ricci was was arrested on Tuesday and had been held at the St. Johns County jail until Friday, when he was finally released -with an ankle bracelet.

His attorney, Anne Marie Gennusa, said Ricci had lived in Fort Lauderdale until 1972 and had his identity stolen at some point. Ricci, a retired prison guard who had lived in Providence, R.I., since 1972 and moved here a year ago, was placed on house arrest until his case can be heard. A Miami judge has signed an emergency order releasing Cosmo Ricci, 72, from the St. Johns County jail. Ricci has been in jail since Monday afternoon, when deputies arrested him on a twelve year old DUI/Manslaughter warrant out of Miami.

Ricci says he did not commit the crime and that the person who stole his identity, did. Would you know what to do if a crime was committed in your name? Credit monitoring won't help you much in this situation. You may want to make sure that the company you hire, monitors more than just your credit. Will they be there to help restore your identity if stolen, bail you out of jail, hire attorneys and help restore your reputation if wrongly arrested?

Mr. Ricci's story is one of many innocent people have been or will be a victim of criminal identity theft.

Check out this man's experience: Identity Theft Victim -Mistaken for Deadly Cop Killer!

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