Hackers getting more professional...

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Hackers Getting More Professional
Online Crooks Finding New Ways To Propagate Spam And Send Malicious Software

(AP) Online crooks are quickly enlarging an already vast sales and distribution network to propagate spam and send malicious software in hopes of infecting millions of computers worldwide, according to a new report.

In a report to be released Monday, security software maker Symantec Corp. says sophisticated thieves sell code to criminal middlemen for as much as $1,000 per program. The middlemen then push the code to consumers, who may be duped into participating in a scam, or who may have their passwords, financial data and other personal data stolen and used by identity theft rings. more


WASHINGTON — Veterans' personal data and health information remain at risk of identity theft because the Veterans Affairs Department has yet to implement several safety measures, government investigators say.
The report by the Government Accountability Office, released Wednesday, comes more than one year after the VA pledged renewed security efforts after the loss of personal information for 26.5 million veterans and active-duty personnel.
It found that the VA had not yet fully secured access to its computer network and department facilities nor worked to ensure that only authorized changes and updates to VA computer programs were made.

Recently, the Senate Banking Committee held a hearing to learn what's going on with campus credit card marketing. They want to know what the story is - and so do we. If you have a story please consider posting it To make our case that irresponsible credit card marketing on campus must be reined in, we need to hear your story. See Student PIRG's site

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